Telecommunication strategies to spearhead your business

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What will 2020 have in store for your business? What can a telecommunications strategy do to enable you and your business to succeed in the upcoming year? Take more than a few moments over the break to grab some clear space and work your way through some of the key areas to consider:

1 Budgeting and Cost Assurance – with so many unlimited plans across data, mobile and fixed communications, why would you not lock in the guaranteed savings and avoid the unwanted fluctuations each month.

2 Mobility – measure what time is wasted on lost productivity and ask your telco provider to assist with a strategy to enable your team to become more mobile and more efficient. Ask yourself how much time your staff are wasting on travel to and from the office and how mobilising them more affectively will reduce this and increase productivity.

3 Paperless – are you still using filing cabinets, laptops and printers in the office/field? Investing in expensive mail servers? – move your IT systems and servers to the cloud and cut your costs drastically.

4 Tablet vs PC – finally we have some real competition in the tablet market with Windows 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note devices this year not to mention 4G options. There has never been a better time (and price) to embrace tablets and what it says about your business in front of your customers. Bundle your tablets with your mobile broadband solution and realise some great savings.

5 F2F B2B – demand face to face service from your Telco provider, don’t allow national centralisation to business call centres to stop old fashioned face to face advice and hands on solutions.

6 Has mobile data finally caught up with ADSL? Time to revisit that ADSL2+ connection and the fluctuating speeds your team endure. With 4G mobile data speeds overtaking ADSL and the NBN, trial it and see for yourself how far mobile broadband has come in 2012.

7 Culture investment – Real shift takes time so you have to begin with investing in your staff i.e. your ‘internal customers’. So start building your team’s values into your business 1st day back from break. It is worthwhile considering employing a facilitator, external to your business, who can truly bring out the most from your team.

8 Measure to Manage – visual KPI’s from your sales team should be updated regularly on monitors and dashboards across the office, live from the field.

9 Got yourself a great backend? Is every process documented? Is the support structure in place today for tomorrow? Bite the bullet and bring forward your plans to get these areas 100% prefect and do it in January. Hosted PABX and email is a great place to start. From here you can truly expand knowing your business is ready for the growth.

Business TIP: Set targets and reward yourself – let your partner know your goals and reward yourselves with 1 day off a week – it’s becoming more and more of good management practice to work 4 highly productive days than 5 back to back, task driven days.


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