The Benefits of FleetChoice

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FleetChoice is an Australian business which provides Novated Leasing, Fleet Management and Salary Packaging administration services for organisations and individuals across Australia. FleetChoice was founded in 2011, and in 2015 and became part of the Eclipx Group, an ASX-listed diversified financial services company.

To help you get a better understanding here’s a short interview with FleetChoice staffer Emily:

Emily, Can you please give us some insight on how businesses would benefit from leasing a car rather than buying?

By empowering your staff with vehicle benefits you could increase productivity and employee retention at no cost to your business. With a FleetChoice Novated Lease the employee takes responsibility for the car and costs, so there is less risk to the employer and no responsibility for the repayments if the employee leaves.

What makes FleetChoice different from other car leasing agencies?

At FleetChoice we’re flexible enough to work with businesses large and small wherever they are in Australia. Thanks to the extended service offerings of our parent company Eclipx Group, FleetChoice can provide an end to end vehicle solution with simplified vehicle acquisition and disposal.

What is the most enjoyable part of working at FleetChoice?

We’re a dynamic and agile company that is able to respond to the latest trends in vehicle leasing, additionally the support of our parent company Eclipx Group helps us to retain our small business service while still competing with the markets largest players.

At FleetChoice, what has been your biggest achievement thus far?

Being able to deliver customised and tailored solutions to our clients that solve problems beyond providing Novated Leasing to a small portion of staff. Our extended services allow for a company-wide benefits program to encourage staff at all levels of the business.

In our review of FleetChoice, we’ve come across some key points of difference which make FleetChoice stand out as a novated leasing provider. The best points of difference are:

  1. FleetChoice uses VISA for their fuel cards so you’re not locked into one particular fuel station brand giving you flexibility and allow you to choose flexibility or the support your local independent.
  2. Their vehicle age policy is very flexible compared to many competitors, allowing you to put leases on vehicles up to 12 years old by the completion of lease, whilst many other providers will only allow a maximum of 7-10 years.
  3. FleetChoice allows you to choose your mechanic, helping you save you time instead of having to use a specific service centre which could be at an inconvenient location
  4. The novated lease product allows for vehicle hand back options making it easier for you to upgrade your vehicles as your require.

Have you used FleetChoice and have experiences you’d like to share? Let us know your thoughts!


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