Top 3 Methods to Withdraw Bitcoin

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Have you ever thought about how to cash out your bitcoin? This tutorial will discuss different ways of withdrawing Bitcoin, as well as how to withdraw Bitcoin for cash using Zipmex and perhaps a digital wallet. We will also discuss several factors to consider before withdrawing Bitcoin into cash. But first, now let give you a quick review of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, the world’s most successful decentralized cryptocurrency, was established in 2009. Bitcoin has always been at the top of the cryptocurrency market for almost a decade, and that no other cryptocurrency seems to have been able to overthrow it. As a result, people nowadays choose to purchase, sell, and exchange Bitcoin on different cryptocurrency exchanges. Read and know about its exchanges.

One of the primary advantages of decentralization is that, unlike conventional money, anybody may purchase or sell any quantity of Bitcoin. The only restriction you may encounter is that imposed by the exchanges. Bitcoin may be withdrawn from a variety of crypto exchanges or maybe an external wallet. However, these cryptocurrency exchanges usually charge fees for it. Some charge a nominal fee, while others charge a large one. People also keep Bitcoin in digital wallets but instead sell it when the price increases (also known as HODL). If you’ve been trading for a while, you may have some Bitcoin in your wallet and be curious how and where to withdraw Bitcoin.

Withdrawal Methods for Bitcoin

Following are the methods by which you can withdraw your Bitcoin into paper money:

  1. Exchanges of Third-Party Brokers

An exchange is referred to as a third-party broker. Most digital currencies do not accept deposits in fiat currency; however, some do. That’s how it operates: you deposit your Bitcoins through into the exchange, and then you may request a paper money withdrawal after the exchange has gotten your Bitcoin. The most widespread way is to use a bank (wire) transfer. To ensure that brokers do not violate money laundering regulations, you must withdraw to the same savings account where you deposited.

If you’ve never deposited cash on a broker exchange before, you’ll almost certainly need to submit (at least) one deposit initially. If you opt to cash out your Bitcoin via a broker exchange (like Coinbase), the money will usually be in your account within 1-5 days. Payments are made through SEPA for EU clients (withdrawals paid in Euros). Brokers often utilize the SWIFT payment mechanism when selling Bitcoin for USD.

  • Bitcoin ATMs

A bitcoin ATM is indeed an Internet-connected machine that enables users to deposit cash and buy bitcoins and/or various cryptocurrencies. A bitcoin ATM differs from an automated teller machine (ATM), enabling bank clients to physically receive, deposit, or transfer money from their bank accounts. Instead, bitcoin ATMs generate blockchain-based transactions that transfer bitcoins to the person’s digital wallet, often by QR code. A traditional ATM is often managed by a financial institution and enables you to connect to your bank account for withdrawal or deposit cash, or perform other kinds of activities. However, cryptocurrency ATMs are linked to an internet-based bitcoin exchange site. It is this site that handles ATM transactions without the participation of banks or other financial organizations.

Here’s how to sell Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM:

  • Select ‘Withdraw Cash’ from the BTM interface.
  • Enter the sum of Bitcoin that you wish to withdraw.
  • To send Bitcoin from one’s wallet or exchange, scan the QR code shown.
  • You may withdraw your money after the transaction has been completed.
  • Peer-To-Peer

If you don’t want to wait three days to cash out your Bitcoin, you might consider utilizing a peer-to-peer selling site like LocalBitcoins. Whenever selling Bitcoins to others on LocalBitcoins, you have the option of specifying the payment method you wish the purchasers to use. These are some examples:

  • Deposit Of Cash: You may request that the buyer deposit funds into your savings account. However, before delivering your Bitcoins to them, you should always ask for confirmation of ID and confirmation of payment
  • Bank Transfer: You may request that the buyer give you bank transfer money. Before attempting this technique of cashing out Bitcoin, always obtain evidence of ID again from the buyer before proceeding. You may send the Bitcoins to them after you have received any money.
  • Meet In Person to Exchange Money: You may arrange to meet with a buyer in your area who will pay you real cash for the Bitcoins.


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