Unique Ways to Improve Business Marketing Campaigns

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In the modern world, commerce is as cutthroat as ever, and that means that businesses need to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing campaigns if they want to stick out. It is no good just relying on traditional marketing because every Tom, Dick, and Harry are using those techniques. The rise of the internet has challenged the status quo because of the ability to market your firm cheaply, or often even for free online. 

But how do I go about improving my marketing to drive more business to my company? Luckily, you are in the right place, so read on to find out some unique ways to do so.

Engage with content

Content is king, so the saying goes, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need exceptional content on your social media platforms. Content comes in many shapes and forms. You will obviously need to talk about your products or services, but what can really get people’s attention is writing blog posts about your industry as a whole. 

Try and position yourself as an expert and a voice of reason in your field, and this will lead people to see you as an authority on the subject, and then they will be much more likely to buy your products. All of this can be done without spending a single penny, so start writing great unique content today, and you will soon start to see people flocking to your sites.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way of reaching people, especially if you already have a significant mailing list of potential customers. Similarly, depending on your situation, you may be awash with people’s phone numbers, so in this situation, SMS marketing could be the answer to your prayers. Reading this article by VoxDirect.com allows you to better understand the mechanics of each campaign so that you are best placed to utilise the techniques that they advise. If you follow them carefully, you will see an uptick in the number of customers who are engaging with your company.

Online competitions

Now, this might not be the cheapest form of marketing in the world, but it will certainly catch people’s attention as everybody loves winning! If you have a great social media profile, then why not use it to attract new customers by hosting competitions or raffles. For example, for every new person that likes your page, you could enter them into a daily draw to win one of your products. If your products are too high end, offer something with your branding on it that is useful and people might find worthwhile entering a competition to win. It is all about doing something different, and this will suck in new customers, who will then hopefully become valued clients.

Apply for business awards

You know all of those lovely shiny stickers on products that say you have been shortlisted for, or have even won an award? Well, would it surprise you to hear that you can actually apply for these awards?! That’s right, it doesn’t guarantee you winning, but by simply applying you can then carry the logo on your products which gives an air of authority to potential new customers as they will think that you really are at the top level in your industry. It doesn’t matter that you have applied for the award, winning it would be a bonus, the fact that new eyes have reached your product is what you are really after. 

Create partnerships

If you operate on a smaller scale, for example, in a local town, why not team up with related industries on a project or host a fair? Make sure that they are not a competitor but are linked to your offering, and then you can build synergies together and can use each other’s social following to attract new business yourself. If you own a public house and offer food, you could team up with the local butcher to showcase each other’s wares and cross-sell your products. A beer and burger festival would be a perfect way to attract new customers and to increase your exposure in the community.

As we have learned there are many innovative techniques that you can apply to your marketing campaigns to make them more successful. Make sure you write oodles of content and are creating discussion about your products and services, and offer competitions with prizes to draw people in. Email or SMS marketing allows you to easily reach your whole contact book and apply for awards so that you can receive the recognition that you deserve. If you follow these tips your marketing game will improve no end. 


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