Weird new sex toys coming into the market

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Things get a little boring in the sheets, and when they do, men and women alike seek out supportive tools they can use to ramp up the fun. But sometimes, you never know just how weird sex toys can get until you see them. Which is a good thing because that’s part of what makes it fun, right.  Here are some weird new sex toys coming into market to help you explore your sexuality.

Amphibian man

This dildo is an imagination of what a male water creature would look like. It spikes your imagination too, if you’re into this kind of stuff. It is shaped like a pack of leaves woven together. The amphibian man comes in more than a dozen colors. It is a buyer’s rave at the moment. It’s got an awesome knot and the shaft is moderately long.

Primal Desire Warg Dildo

This sex toy is shaped like a sword and it glows. This dildo is coloured in Dragon Dildo Australia’s signature pink marble. The dog knot dildo has an enlarged canine style bulb base ensuring it fits firmly in place while its inside your body.

The Stinger Electro Play Wand

Hopefully, you won’t be so shocked by this one. It is a sex toy designed to stimulate erogenous places on the body with just a little zap, or more zaps, depending on your tolerance for pain. And pleasure, of course.

Hoodlum Tapered Double Penetration Realistic Double Ended Dildo

This one is a 22 inch snake-like, penis-like, flexible dildo for the daring. There are dildos like this actually, but the weird thing about this one which makes it new is, it’s got two unequal ends.

One end is a huge cap of penis and the other is a regular size. And it’s ripped like it goes to the gym everyday. Freaky folks are going to love the humongous cap on the big end, so realistic.

Realistic Oversized Elephant Penis

And you think you’ve heard or seen it all. Well, get a load of this elephant phallus. Only this one isn’t meant for a girly elephant.

It is designed with a wide girth at the bottom and tapers out to the tip. It is one hell of a size to sit on by women who love to ride the pony—sorry, the elephant.

Penis Extender Sleeve

Ok, this ones really weird. It is not your regular condom. It’s got openings on both ends of it. Think of your penis going in disguised as someone else, only this time, ejaculation is delayed, stimulation is ramped, and it’s a win-win play for both parties, or multiple parties as the case may be. This extender is all of 21 cm. It’s got an opening for the tip of the spear, and for the balls to hang out in the air.

Lingerie For Men/Cum Panties

This is one of the simple, yet weirdest sex toy in this collection. We have to wait for the reviews that follow the purchases just to see how wide the range is on these lingeries.

Apparently it’s supposed to keep the penis warm when not in use. For men who love haywire fantasies of themselves being cozy.

Male Masturbator Realistic Foot Pocket Pussy

I put this one last because it is up there on the weird level. A foot, but with a pussy opening under it. It doesn’t get kinkier than this, in my opinion.

Talk about humping your partner’s feet if you like. But when they’re not closeby you have an alternative in this toy.

Wrap up

So there you have the weirdest sex toys coming out on the market.


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