Yacht Care 101: How to Keep Your Yacht in Shape

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Is there anything better than spending a summer day on the crystal blue water, enjoying the warm breeze and soaking up the sun? It’s no wonder so many people are dreaming of owning a boat. If you have been able to make this dream a reality, it’s important to understand that, just like any possession, owning a yacht comes with a certain set of obligations and responsibilities.

Let’s see what’s necessary to keep your boat in tip-top shape.

Taking Care of the Engine  

The importance of keeping the engine condition goes without saying. After all, this is what makes your boat alive. Depending on how much you use your yacht, you will need to have the engine checked at least once a year. This kind of service is not easy on a budget so when you decide to get a boat, this is something you need to take into consideration.

To have a wonderful time on the water with family and friends, you need to regularly check on the engine on your own as well. Those using yachts on the saltwater will have to flush it with fresh water after pretty much every use. Also, check on oil and hoses. When you bring it to the professional maintenance, they will do a closer inspection of your vessel.    

How to Get Yacht to the Location You Want?

If your boat is currently located in North America, for example, but you want to spend the summer holiday traveling up and down the Mediterranean coast, you need to transport it to the place you chose as a starting point. As stated by the experts on the CrossChartering company’s homepage, you need to find a reliable and safe service provider that will get your yacht where you need it to be. Collaborating with a skilled and experienced team of professionals will ensure your vessel gets shipped to the chosen destination in a sail-ready condition.  

Hull Maintenance

For your yacht to be able to glide seamlessly on the water, you need to keep the hull in perfect shape. The hull or the body of your boat needs to be regularly waxed and polished (if made of fiberglass) and also don’t forget to clean it after use. Also, check it for any possible wear and tears and keep in mind that it would be much easier to fix the problem while it’s not very serious.

Electrics and Plumbing

To get the engine running as well as to make all instruments function, you need to make sure the battery is working the way it’s supposed to. The battery is something that will need to be replaced over time and you need to check on it frequently. After all, you don’t want to face problems while out in the water. On-board bathrooms can clog pretty often so you need to keep an eye on the plumbing department of your yacht.    

These are some of the basics that all new yacht owners need to be aware of. Keeping these parts of the boat in perfect shape will make your experience while on the water much better and will prevent some unexpected problems in the future.


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