4 Interesting Facts About Bulletproof Gear That Will Blow Your Mind

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Gone are the days when only people who were Celebrities or politicians wore bulletproof gear. With the current times being so unpredictable, It is now essential for everyone. Even the Fashion industry has adopted making these gears to keep it in trend for everyone. Travelers, children, commuters, all can now access these gears for their safety and peace of mind. 

These new armored gears are moving swiftly towards a daily use fabric that provides comfort and ease of movement. People can now choose from the top picks, a bulletproof gear that is lighter provides safety from uncalled-for events, and even protects them from bad weather conditions. This is now an overall, clothing accessories that are preceding its old models into more wearable daily clothing. 

Facts That Will Bust Your BulletProof Gear Myths

When it comes to protection, body gears are the first choice as a piece of safety equipment for professionals and personal protection. Rapid advancements are improving its functionality in today’s time.

1. The Fabric Stops the Bullet

These vests are made of woven or non-woven fibers. The bulletproof vest material reduces the impact of the bullet. It causes the bullet to turn and slow down. The slower the impact of the bullet or attack, the more efficient these vests will be. Attacks of high velocity can get through the vest and hurt you. 

2. The Vest can Last a Lifetime

When the vest is worn every day, just like other materials, it leads to wear and tear. That makes it lose its protective capabilities faster than those that are worn once in a while. It is important to check for wear and tear of the body gears from time to time to see if it has any signs of damage. Good gear if worn regularly has a lifespan of up to five years. 

3. Bulletproof Vests are Like Bodysuits

This is the most common myth and hence when people actually wear it they feel discomfort and ditch the safety gear. When you are buying a safety vest, you are asked to inhale and hold your breathe in while it is being fitted properly. This fills in any gap between the body and the vest which helps in reducing the trauma should you experience a bullet or strong impact. It doesn’t however impact your movements. 

4. Bulletproof Vests can Help Avoid all Impacts

This is not particularly true. Though newer versions of the vest can help reduce the impact of stabbing and other fatal accidents, they do not provide 100 percent safety. Also, in case a bullet is fired, it can reduce the impact it has on your body but will not curb the pain completely. It is important to read through properly how different vests can provide different levels of safety. There are ballistic-resistant vests that provide safety from different types of shooting weapons and stab-resistant ones that can help you be protected from sharp weapons.

With the rapid development for more functionality, body armor or vests only seem to be the most significant safety equipment. Together by learning some self-defense techniques, you are sure to make yourself stronger in times of adversities.


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