Car Credits: How To Find The Ideal One For You

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Buying a car is the second most important decision you can take. You may buy it for the daily commute, adventure trips, or just for luxury, whatever may be the reason, it a financial decision that will have a long-term impact. So it is important to take the decision of financing it after careful consideration of all options. You don’t only have to calculate your monthly payments but also the cost of procuring the car and the process you will choose.

Here are a few tips for you when you are considering car credits:

Check Your Credit Score

This has to be the first step you should take before considering any type of car loan. Get hold of your credit report and check how your score is. For example, in Australia, a good credit score that can easily get you a loan is between 666 to 755. Once you know your score, you can easily figure out which car loan rates you best qualify for. However, even if you have a low credit score, your chances of getting Australian vehicle loans are still good with alternative lending options. The lower your credit score is, the more important it is for you to research for the best rate you can get on your car loan. People with low credit scores usually may end up paying more than those with a good credit score. Therefore, take your time to research before you finalize one. 

Try To Take Short Term Loan

Though the monthly payments for short-term loans will be high, you will benefit from low-interest rates and will save yourself from paying more than that which is needed. Long-term loans though provide smaller monthly payments, end up making you pay interest rates that are higher than your budget. Though it could be tempting to take up a long-term loan because the monthly payments are low, it just means that you will pay a lot of interest which will certainly be a downside for your budget and investment. 

Fix a Budget

Many times while selecting a car we may think it’s ok to over budget. However, in the long term, this will affect your finances. Make a budget and keep 20 percent of it aside for downpayment. If you can put in more down payment it will be better as then a short-term loan will not only have fewer interest rates but also finish off quickly, helping you avoid further costs. At many dealerships, if you have a good credit score you are not required to pay a down payment at all. 

Keep Aside some Funds for Miscellaneous Expenses

Apart from your down payment, interest fees, and monthly installment, you will also need to keep aside funds to pay for any taxes that you incur, registration fees of the car, documentation fees, etc. Also if you need some modification done to suit your lifestyle that will be an extra cost. Though often extras like warranties and car maintenance are already included from the dealers, it is best to make sure everything is covered. 

Researching for different payment options plus the right cars which fit your lifestyle and budget can save you from a lot of unnecessary troubles in the future.


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