The Human Psychology of Masochism

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Masochism is interesting in that a person is attaining sexual gratification through one’s pain. The person may be embarrassed or humiliated during sexual activities, but it is all about reaching a sexual high. The concept sounds unusual, but the psychological explanation of sexual masochism does explain things.

What DSM-V Says

The Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM-V states that sexual masochism entails a person becoming aroused by humiliation, whether it entails bondage, torture, or general pain.

DSM-V also says that masochism is often prevalent in people as young as nineteen years of age. Some people may experience their first sexual desires relating to humiliation at an earlier age.

Masochism is different from sadism, as masochism entails a person receiving pleasure from pain. Sadism is the other way around, as it involves receiving pleasure from inflicting pain on someone else.

What Makes a Person a Masochist?

Many things can cause a person to become a masochist:

  • A masochist likely won’t have a desire to say no to someone when it comes to planning sexual adventures. The masochist will be more than willing to engage in something, even if it is painful. The general desire for sex is too great to ignore.
  • Masochists aren’t willing to stand up for themselves when they get into situations they aren’t comfortable experiencing. They want to enter sex in general. They are willing to feel a bit of pain before they can start having sex with someone.
  • Masochists could also feel overly judgmental over themselves. They might judge their various emotions and attitudes harder than others. They will dwell upon their negative feelings longer and might feel a need to keep them going well.

Forbidden Sex Makes It More Alluring

A masochist may enjoy the pain from sex or attempts to have sex because they find sex more exciting when it is forbidden. People might try to have sex, but they are often refused it for some reason. The forbidden nature of sex makes it more exciting to a person, and that someone is willing to go through the pain of not having sex or being denied it for one’s excitement. Examples of denial can be seen in kinks such as those who buy adult devices such as chastity cages to engage in the chastity play.

Sex becomes more thrilling when someone holds a greater investment in the act. The thrill becomes more enticing to many people.

Could Younger Experiences Make a Difference?

Many psychological reactions develop at an early age. For a masochist, a person might have experienced many painful events while growing up. The person might have also developed sexual urges early on in one’s life that could be paired with some of these experiences. Sometimes the connections between these two points can make harmful events all the more appealing to someone. Masochistic tendencies start when that person ties the two points together and starts feeling excitement over pain and harm while engaging in sex.

A Change From the Norm

Some people engage in masochistic sexual behaviours because they want to feel a change in the norm. They might be bored with traditional sexual activities. They will stick with masochistic efforts to make themselves feel a little better about themselves and their sexual abilities.

While the concept might take a bit for some people to get used to, it can be tough for them to handle in many situations. But masochism is a fascinating point that will appeal to many who might want to try something new. The end result could be interesting for some people if they like what they’re getting from work.

Does Masochism Last Forever?

For some people, masochism is a learned trait that evolves over many years. But for some, masochism is a concept that many people like to try for themselves. They want to see if masochism is interesting and if it makes their sexual experiences more worthwhile.

Not all people who engage in masochism will be excited over the concept. But those who are more invested in the idea might stick with it for a while.

Some psychologists will try to manage a person’s masochistic behaviours in many ways. Medication may be utilized, or a person may be asked to keep a journal that reviews one’s sexual desires and interests. But it isn’t easy to reach all people.

An Interesting Concept

The idea of masochism sounds unusual to many people, as sexual experiences normally entail pleasure. But the natural evolution of the human mind can create sexual feelings from pain. It is a fascinating aspect of sex that anyone could explore.


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