6 Good Surprise Gifts Your Husband Will Appreciate

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When it comes time to buy your husband a gift for his birthday or to celebrate the holidays, you don’t want to just get him another tie or pair of socks. He wants presents he can enjoy just as much as you do. But how do you figure out what kind of gift he’d appreciate? Here are six unconventional and good surprise gift ideas you can get him.

  1. Video Doorbell

Having goods delivered right to your door has become increasingly commonplace in recent years, but you may not always be there to make sure your order has arrived. Get your husband a video doorbell so he can keep track of deliveries no matter where he is when his package shows up. He’ll be able to check who is at the front door right from his smartphone.

While it’s not necessarily an alternative to a proper security system, using a video doorbell can also alert your husband to any potential pranksters or prowlers that invade your property. They’re simple to install and can replace your existing doorbell. Most of these products deliver HD video streaming all day, every day. This is a gift your husband will definitely appreciate if he likes being able to keep an eye on things at all times. 

  1. Portable Fire Pits

If your husband enjoys the outdoors, a portable fire pit would make a great gift. He can set up a bonfire in the backyard or a quick and easy campfire while out in the woods beneath the stars. Portable fire pits are easy to use, making them ideal to take anywhere your husband wants to go.

The best portable fire pits produce minimal smoke and ash, so there’s no hassle for your husband when cleaning up after it. Bring some hot dogs and s’mores with you to roast together when you join him around the fire for a romantic interlude. Getting to enjoy this gift with your husband is one of the best parts of it.

  1. Beef Jerky

It’s undeniable that men love beef jerky. It’s hard-wired into their DNA, going back to the days when cavemen would hunt game and preserve their meat so they could eat it for weeks to come. There are all manners of flavors available to suit your husband’s taste buds.

If you want something more personal, there are even sites that let you add custom messages to your beef jerky. Whether you buy single packs or purchase gift bundles, these great ideas are sure to satisfy your husband’s hunger for tasty beef jerky. His stomach will thank you for giving him such a wonderful gift.

  1. Business Webcams

Working from home has become very common, and having video meetings online is a regular part of any home-based worker’s day. It can be embarrassing when your computer’s built-in webcam has a low-quality picture or constantly glitches and freezes. Their microphones might also be substandard. Even if you’re tired of having to hear him go on and on, the people that he’s in a meeting with need to be able to understand what he’s saying.

Buying a good-quality webcam for your husband will allow him to present himself more professionally to coworkers and clients. There are some great business webcams on the market for prices that won’t break the bank. Find one with an HD camera and a wide enough range of view for presentations, as well as a good microphone so your husband’s voice will be picked up loud and clear.

  1. Home Brewing Kit

Does your husband like beer? Does he enjoy drinking craft beer? Get him a home brewing kit so he can try making his own craft beer. He’ll be able to brew all sorts of new and interesting flavors without needing access to a professional brewery. A home-brewing starter kit comes with everything he’ll need to begin making his own beer right away. Once it’s ready, the two of you can share a drink and celebrate your amazing gift together.

  1. Beard Oil

Any man who sports a beard deserves to experience the joys of using beard oil. No matter what type of beard your husband has, beard oil can make it easier to maintain. It works by moisturizing the facial hair and dry skin underneath, so your husband will have a full and healthy beard. The oils come in a variety of scents, such as sandalwood or cedar & pine. His beard will never look and smell better.

When it’s time to buy a present for your husband, get him something fun and unique. He’ll definitely appreciate any of these gifts more than the same old boring stuff he’s gotten before. After you’ve surprised him with such a good gift, you can bet he’ll be looking for something just as great to get you next time.


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