7 Most Common Plumbing-Related Problems In The Office

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Starting a company might just be the most difficult challenge you could ever face. It is a road filled with obstacles, but it is also filled with learning opportunities and growth. Despite the many benefits of having your own business, you will most likely come across quite a few challenges that could slow you down. 

While staff problems and the burden of leadership can be quite cumbersome, it is often in the mundane details of having a company that you face your toughest challenges. Renting an office space alone can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. One of the more common problems in the office often has to do with plumbing. Here’s what you need to know to diagnose and fix these issues before they turn bad.

  1. Clogging 

Unfortunately, even with strict hiring processes, you can never quite figure out the personal hygiene level of all your employees. After all, everyone dresses up for an interview. After a while, unhealthy practices lead to one of the most common plumbing problems in office space: clogging. Some people think that the toilet is a trash bin, so they get rid of anything they can think of there. 

This naturally leads to clogging, which can be catastrophic not just for plumbing reasons. Clogs can lead to bacteria buildup and possibly contaminate the water. You can avoid these problems by raising awareness in your office about proper waste disposal practices, and offering your people trash cans and bags for sanitary waste all over the office. 

  1. Dripping Faucets 

While you might ignore such a problem around your home for a while, at an office, it can be quite problematic. Dripping faucets are not just annoying, but they can also cost you a lot of money in water bills –– just one faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water over the year. As explained on https://allserviceplumbers.com/lakewood/, this is one of the problems that might need expert intervention as soon as possible because it costs you a lot of money as long as it’s unfixed. 

  1. Water Heating Problems 

When it’s wintertime, every office needs to provide hot water for people because the pipes can be quite cold and as a result, the water can be freezing cold, which isn’t very comfortable for employees. Unfortunately, one of the problems that the offices face is that hot water can sometimes be too hot. This is most likely a thermostat problem, and it is one that will also need professional help rather than the janitor at your office. 

  1. Running Toilets

Running toilets are even more costly a plumbing problem than dripping faucets. One running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water every day! For commercial space, this equals a lot of money on utility bills, which is definitely something you don’t need. In most running toilets, the problem is usually the faulty flapper valve that controls the water moving from the tank to the bowl. It might have other reasons, which is why you should consult with professional plumbers for such a problem. 

  1. Rusty Water

Another common problem in an office space is dirty and rusty water coming out of the faucets. To address this problem, you should install a water purification system or a water softener in your bathrooms. Dirty water smells bad and can cause your employees to have some skin conditions like itchiness. 

  1. Weak Water Pressure

Weak water pressure is annoying whether it is at home or at the office. This might be caused by leaking pipes that have worn out over the years. It can also be a result of sediment building up in the pipes and obstructing the flow. Either way, it is a problem that needs urgent attention to the comfort of your employees. 

  1. Jammed Garbage Disposal

A lot of offices these days have a garbage disposal in the kitchen to help employees dispose of waste easily and efficiently. Unfortunately, garbage disposals can jam on occasions. The best way to avoid this problem is to alert your employees about the kind of waste that can be disposed of in the garbage disposal and what practices to avoid. 

Office plumbing problems are anything but fun, and they can cause discomfort to anyone in the space. This is why these are the kinds of problems that you need to address without wasting any time. Unless you have janitors who have plumbing experience, avoid tampering with the plumbing system without expert supervision. You could make the problem worse and cost yourself more money. 


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