4 Winning Workout Strategies for Busy Women

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The number one reason that people give for not getting fit is a lack of time. Women tend to suffer from time constraints even more than men because so many of them are the primary caregiver of their children. A full-time job, studies, and any other miscellaneous responsibilities on top of taking care of another human being is a full day that probably stretches well into the evening. Life can be a juggling act for women, but here are a few ways to manage. 

1. Home Workouts

When one kid has soccer practice and another has theater rehearsal, and they’re at different locations and times, making time for the gym just may not be feasible. Maybe there’s not a decent gym in your area, and the commute would take up more time than you have. There are ways around this.

One huge upside to technology is that it makes health and fitness more accessible for people who are time-restricted. If you’re too frazzled with responsibilities or deadlines, then head on over to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mma.women.free and start your training the next time you have a few minutes to yourself. Your children, your coworkers, and other associates might all be depending on you for something. 

If you show up for yourself by improving your health by making time at home, you’ll be able to show up better for them. With apps, you can customize your workout to fit your hectic schedule. Only have five minutes to spare? That’s enough time to get in a killer abdomen workout. 

2. Involve Fitness in Your Personal and Work Life

Creating space in your schedule for any semblance of a social life and family time is definitely a challenge when you have a stacked schedule. Despite this, most people will make time for human interaction—and you should because your sanity depends on it. So, how do you balance work, socializing, family, and fitness? It’s easy. Combine them with some kind of exercise. 

Studies have shown that standing in the place of sitting or moving around at work can boost your metabolism. When your kids want to be couch potatoes, try taking them out for a hike or engage them in a pillow fight war. Next time your friends want to have brunch, see if they’ll join a Mixed Martial Arts class or go dancing with you. Most social circles have at least one active friend that’s always on the move or just plain wants to move—you can be both! 

3. Run for Charity

Next to being busy, another top reason given for why people don’t work out often is a lack of motivation. If improving your health just doesn’t put the fire under your shoes, then consider running for charity. If your participation helps a cause that contributes to making the world a better place, it may give you that boost you’re missing. 

You’ll be surprised at the growing popularity of charity races, and it’s highly likely that you can find one in your area. Outside of getting fit, a few great things about running for charity is that you can:

  • Raise money for a good cause.
  • Involve your family and friends (and thus raise more money.)
  • Increase awareness around a particular topic.
  • Have something to train for.
  • Meet people with shared values.

4. Go There by Foot

Actually give the expression “running errands” a literal meaning by running (or walking) to places where you usually take a car. If the convenience store is only a few hundred meters away, then pop on those running shoes and go for a light jog. Measure your progress by timing yourself or seeing how far you can get without stopping. 

Bicycles are also a great option and give you another opportunity to get outdoors with the family. Along with this, you can teach your kids the importance of minimizing your carbon footprint by decreasing how often you take a car. This creates a space in your schedule not only for you to get your heart pumping, but to also spend time with your family and maybe even teach them about things that might not come up in your everyday conversation. 

The reverberating sigh that echoes in your mind every time you remember how long it’s been since you’ve exercised is understandable. When you’re getting slammed from every angle with inescapable demands, health and wellness are some of the first things that get neglected. In these busy times, try to remember that taking care of your mind and body is the most vital form of self-love.


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