How High Levels of Stress Can Affect Your Daily Life

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“Life is meant to be lived” – this principle has been taken to the extreme by a lot of people nowadays, especially working adults. If we do not carry out our daily engagements in moderation, we are in danger of destroying our very own selves.

How we live our lives also reflects how good we are at handling stress. No matter how tough we may think we are in overcoming all the challenges life throws at us there will always come a time when stress takes over us, both physically and mentally.

An unhealthy lifestyle lowers our immune defenses, and so we become more vulnerable to stress, which can be very dangerous since it leads to unexpected panic attacks. But this kind of reaction from our body is something that we can avoid since we are the ones who control what we eat, what we think, and what we do. 

Successfully dealing with stress also needs a lot of self-discipline. How we handle stress is always a matter of choosing and doing what is right for our mind and body. Making the right choices are influenced by certain factors present in our lives. 

People experience different kinds of stress in different circumstances. It can be common among those who are working in different fields, mothers, even the younger generation might as well experience it. Yet, the effect of stress also varies among specific people who experienced it. 

So, be careful in how you handle your stress level, because if you’re not, you may end up experiencing the following:

1. Sudden change of emotions. 

Stress can make someone very sensitive and irritable. When you are stressed, you may experience many negative feelings, including anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, or frustration. These feelings can sometimes feed on each other and produce physical symptoms that can make you feel even worse. 

2. Loss of focus and momentum.

A sudden change of emotions might as well affect your performance at work and how you deal with people. Stress is common in a working place since work demands time requires deadlines, and necessitates dealing with people who have various personalities. This sudden change of emotion may make you inefficient in doing your job. It can also give you a hard time to focus, and it can sometimes result in misunderstanding or conflict among co-workers.

3. Suffer from pain. 

Some of the common effects of high levels of stress are experienced through headaches, nausea, and indigestion. You may breathe more quickly, perspire more, have palpitations, or suffer from various aches and pains. 

Among mothers who stay at home, stress can cause a sudden change in emotions. With all the responsibilities a mother should do at home, as well as the additional demands of extra people in the household, most mothers feel that they are racing against time. Stress may affect the way mothers manage their household and how they take care of their children.

Since stress is not something that we can easily avoid, we should instead learn how to handle it. Effective ways of dealing with stress include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, doing regular exercise, and getting enough sleep. Taking good care of our body is our greatest weapon in defeating all kinds of stress, no matter how high they are.


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