What Experts Think About Using Divi in 2020

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Divi is perhaps one of the most popular WordPress themes. It is a magnificent multi-purpose theme that was created by one of the leading WordPress theme shops, Elegant Themes. In this theme review, we will take a deeper look at Divi, its features, and understand what the fuss is all about. 

Divi Theme

Divi is created by one of the leading WordPress theme companies in the world. To have a membership in the Elegant Themes club gives you access to the two themes, Divi and Extra, plus two plugins, all for the price of one theme. The two plugins included are Bloom and Monarch. Also, you get access to the hundreds of Divi packs that allow you to launch a site without necessarily having to build one from scratch. And it is fast. 

Divi Theme Review: Powerful Theme Pack

Elegant Themes, being a premium plugin and theme developer, understands what the users want. They know how much WordPress users appreciate a powerful theme. The users want amazing features with postmodern flexibility, all in one bundle. 

Divi is everything you’d wish for. The drag-and-drop designs, the predefined layouts, and easy to use modules make up for the exceptionally efficient way of creating sites in modern times. Let’s take a look at why you should use Divi.

Divi Builder Can Build Any Kind of Website

With an Elegant Themes club membership, you get to access two different types of Divi on the dashboard; the Divi Builder plugin and the Divi theme. Do you want a customizable WordPress theme? Using Divi Theme is your best bet. If you want to have a different theme but have a drag and drop plugin on your site, you should use Divi Builder. Divi Builder allows you to easily drag and drop elements and modules to create appealing layouts on your own. 

Divi Builder allows you to create a customized site without writing a single line of code. Each module of your layout can be duplicated or removed with a button’s click. The modules are color-coded to make it easier to design for all levels of skill, including beginners. Divi Default Editor lets you design and assesses your website’s skeleton before it goes live. Plus, if you are more into a visual theme editor, Divi offers that, too. 

Ready to Use Layouts

The Divi Theme pack comes with hundreds of ready to use layouts. These are complete designs of different colors and layouts that allow you to set up your theme as soon as you may like. WordPress experts at https://alrigh.com/coupons/elegant-themes/ advise getting these premade layouts as they are infinitely customizable. Using a website pack is especially impressive for conveniently building a new site design without writing any line of code. 

All you have to do is have the right website pack, import it to your WordPress, and customize where necessary. Remember, each website is specially designed for a specific type of website, and the layouts are suited for that specific type. These 7 to 8 pages of layouts are all you need to add your own content. 

Also, it allows you to browse the layout categories such as Health & Fitness, Services, Fashion, and Beauty; the list is endless. In essence, type in your keywords to get the perfect layout. Plus, Divi claims they’ll soon be adding a new layout weekly as part of its Divi Design Initiative. With Divi layouts, you can easily and quickly build a website that meets your exact need. 

Live Preview Customizer: Amazing Divi Feature

When designing your website with WordPress, you have to click on the preview to view what the site looks like. But, with Divi Live Preview, you get to see what you’re building as you do it. This easy-to-use customizer also allows you to change the style, fonts, and more. 

It makes it incredibly easier for beginners as they see their changes and undo them sooner if need be. With Divi’s Visual Builder and Default Editor, you get to customize your themes and choose what best suits you. Or, a combination of both can be used. 

Divi’s Plugin Compatibility

Many of us have thought of starting an eCommerce site. Divi supports WooCommerce, one of the best plugins for eCommerce. Divi WooCommerce plugin and the online store layout allow you to build an online store you’ve always envisioned easily. The resulting site will look great on all devices, and using the Divi theme will create distinct sections on your website. 

Also, Divi shop page layouts come with pre-made modules that you can use to organize your products in categories. Divi is an excellent choice if you are looking to build a stunning website with ease without having to code. After examining these incredible features Divi offers, we give it five stars.


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