New SEO Trends That Will Be Useful For Entrepreneurs in 2021

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SEO, or search engine optimization, has been a practice within the marketing industry for a long time. As new technologies arise and more businesses translate to an online platform, SEO will continue to play a big role, but will also have to adapt to industry needs and changes. Here are some trends that will be useful to those utilizing SEO in 2021.

Voice And Accessibility Roles

As consistent as SEO has been with their practices over the years, new and innovative technologies have changed the way how you market, and search engine optimization is no different to that. One of the ways the SEO will change and be used will emphasize more the use of voice recognition systems and audio accessibility. Digital assistants like Google and Alexa will be used in terms of tracking search history and patterns similar to how traditional SEO uses the typical search engines and results pages. With more and more homes incorporating these devices, this is going to be a bigger factor in the SEO realm.

Mobile Searches Continued Growth

As technology has progressed, users are becoming more mobile with smart devices like cell phones and tablets. Everyone is on their phones for work, watching movies, and ultimately  This can be attributed to a much younger demographic that uses their phones more than traditional PCs and laptops, or other devices that use web browsers as opposed to mobile browsers. Because of these changing patterns in usage, mobile searches will continue to lead the way when it comes to search results and demand that those using SEO practices tailor their sites to be more mobile friendly.

Location Based Searches

Tying in with the previous point, because of the relevancy of mobile devices, location based searches will be even more emphasized with SEO. This is integrated through map applications and programs that work with search engines for keywords like, “what is the best food place nearby?” or simply automatically catering your searches through your GPS. SEO marketing already utilizes certain keywords and gps locations to help drive results, but with continued usage of mobile use, these location based searches should continue to be an important part of SEO moving forward.

Video Integration

Video streaming platforms are being used in multiple ways, taking steps forward with innovative practices that introduce different uses to various platforms. They have not only become a source of information and content to share, but are slowly evolving into a platform that supports a community as well. SEO practitioners would be wise to incorporate video integration to not just the blogs and content they use on their own sites, but redirect some attention to the video sharing platforms as well to optimize there. This can allow for a connected network of different sources that all contribute to a company’s overall social footprint. Additionally, some video platforms have also been integrated into search engines, so it would be ideal to utilize these platforms and diversify your efforts to connect with a wider audience.

Content Emphasis

As companies fight for more space in the digital advertising realm, discovering the benefits of SEO, that means that real estate on these search engines becomes more and more valuable. With everyone fighting for attention, experts from acknowledge that content itself becomes more important as more users, businesses, and companies are fighting even over niche keywords. A saturated market means you have to create content that is more valuable , because the average now increased because of volume alone. Content has always been a priority for search engine optimization, and it will continue to play a role as the years pass. It now just needs to be prioritized even more.

Digital Market Coinciding With Other Strategies

With a flood of competition continuing to enter the online realm and marketplace, it is more important to have advertising and marketing campaigns on various platforms as well as through different strategies. It will be important to not only have a strong grasp on SEO practices, but to utilize it and work cooperatively with other forms of marketing such as social media advertising, or traditional subscription and email marketing. Working together, different strategies can maximize the efforts of the other strategies, making your campaigns more effective. 

SEO has been an important part of advertising with the development and growth of the internet. Businesses must continue to adapt to industry changes and tech innovations. In the midst, SEO will continue playing a big role for many online businesses marketing campaigns, and must evolve throughout the years.


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