4 Creative Business Ideas You’d Never Think Will Be a Hit

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If you have an idea and you believe in it, then what’s stopping you from making it a reality? Numerous entrepreneurs and business gurus have come up with plans that served a decent purpose. Some of them were average people that just found something that the market was missing and made it available. A concept of a product that can make people’s lives a lot better. Creativity and determination can go well together when you have the right mindset, willpower, and patience to see through the process to the end. 

If you’re interested to know more about some of these creative ideas that became so successful, then read on to learn about 4 of them that people thought would never be a huge hit.

1. Selling Frozen Food

The concept of frozen food is smart and useful for numerous customers. People are already into healthy and safe meals, especially during the global Covid-19 pandemic. You have several advantages of home-cooked meals, and one of the most important ones nowadays is safety. This makes people feel comfortable knowing that they are the only ones that touched their food and they can cook it themselves. People won’t have to worry about bacteria, contaminants, food-borne illnesses, or the Coronavirus. Even popular restaurants and fast-food chains are slowly using this in their business model to make up for the losses they’ve suffered during this pandemic. You’ve given people the chance to have high-quality food that can be prepared easily and quickly. You can expect great sales numbers with frozen food because customers want nutritious homemade meals that are healthy and safe. 

2. Board Game Cafés 

Another excellent business to look into is opening your board game café. This can be a great way to attract gamers, friends, and families to get together, choose a table, and play their favorite board game together. You would have several board game classics like Battleship, Monopoly, and Scrabble. Advice from the developers at Unscramble.me suggests that an anagram tool that unscrambles words can keep a fun game like Scrabble going for several more rounds. This is convenient for your board game café because it will make people stay longer and enjoy themselves. You can serve drinks, snacks, and even meals for your customers and that can keep them satisfied and happy while playing their board games together. You can provide guests with several board game options if they didn’t bring their own too. This can be quite a success for you because people love having fun during outings and doing fun activities like playing board games can make their time together quite memorable.

3. Pharmaceutical Vending Machines 

You can be in the medicine business and you want to streamline your sales. If you have the proper license, you can place several pharmaceutical vending machines at different spots for people. Some entrepreneurs can buy a vending machine business and partner with a well-known pharmaceutical company too. You just need to research the pros and cons of the vending machine business to know where the good spots are for placing your machines. Think about all the people that might need a remedy for their bad breath, quick relief for a headache with some painkillers, or an emergency that needs a feminine hygiene product. There’s no doubt that a project such as this is very helpful and useful to the community.

4. Personalised Video Shoutouts with Celebrities  

This is a new and incredibly successful idea where people can connect with their favorite celebrity by having a personalized video shoutout. For a fee that varies from one celebrity to another, customers can get a personal video from an actor/actress, music artist, athletes, and famous online content creators. You can have your choice of celebrity sing you a birthday song, give you a pep talk, or congratulate you on your promotion. The choice is up to you and this is a viral and successful method of connecting fans with their favorite public figures. 

The market sees millions of new plans, innovations, and concepts every day. Some of them are good, some of them need some work, while others are a complete waste of a customer’s time. However, don’t be discouraged to follow through with something that you’re passionate about. If you think you found the next best thing for the market, you shouldn’t let anyone put you down or demotivate you from creating it. As you can see from the 4 ideas listed above, it isn’t impossible to come up with something that customers will love. Entrepreneurs will never know their true potential if they limit themselves out of fear. If you find a need for it, capitalize on it, and make it available to the public. 


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