The Most Effective Equipment to Use for Fleet Management

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With the increase in online shopping and deliveries, the discipline of logistics has witnessed a sudden rise. However, this has also led to the increase in competition between courier and delivery service companies. If you want to create a niche for your courier business and stand apart from your competitors, you should invest in a fleet management system. It helps manage deliveries and keeps a minute-to-minute track of your packages. Among several benefits, the most notable ones are reduction in fuel cost, better employee performance, and seamless operation. A professional fleet management setup comprises several tools and equipment that work hand-in-hand.

Here are some of the best and most effective equipment used for fleet management. 

Fleet Management Software

A reliable fleet management software makes the entire process seamless and cost-effective. It provides real-time updates of your drivers, packages, and the overall behind-the-scenes operation. Among several features provided by the software, the main ones are fleet dispatch management, vehicle management, real-time visibility, retention solutions, driving management, and driver safety. Such software programs are integrated with surveillance cameras and GPS tracking devices to report and record the results. 

Furthermore, this software automatically schedules and updates your meetings, deliveries, and other important tasks. It also informs the drivers and other employees with real-time updates, resulting in a smooth operation. You can also track performance benchmarks and calculate KPIs to make the entire process smooth. Keep an eye on the entire fleet management stakeholders- drivers, external contractors, dispatchers, shippers, fleet managers, and the end-user or customers. Lastly, you can keep a track of your budget and finances. Whether it’s the fuel cost, salaries of employees or the cost related to the overall operation, a reliable fleet management software can help calculate and record the financial aspects in detail. 

Surveillance Cameras

If you want to take GPS tracking a notch higher, consider getting a surveillance camera installed with a GPS tracking device. It provides visible real-time updates and ensures your drivers’ safety. In case your drivers meet with an accident or encounter any risk, you will be immediately notified. The fleet management gurus at suggest getting a high-quality surveillance camera with unlimited footage storage capabilities. With this, you can review critical footage in the future. Surveillance cameras not only encourage your drivers to drive safely but also helps you take better care of your vehicles. Prevent thefts by installing such cameras inside your vehicles. 

GPS Tracking Device

A proficient GPS tracking device can keep an eye on your delivery vans and help them reach their destination without any hassle. There are several benefits of a pre-installed GPS tracking device in your fleet management system. Firstly, it tracks your delivery trucks and keeps them from getting lost. It maps out a shorter route for your drivers, which, in turn, results in fuel reduction. You can also measure your employees’ performance and learn more about their driving habits. 

At times, drivers slack off and take unwanted routes or waste a lot of time on the road. A GPS tracking device will tell you where exactly your driver is. If you have appointed new drivers who are not familiar with the routes, they can rely on this GPS service to find their route and deliver the packages on time. The route can be tracked on the fleet management software mentioned above. With timely delivery and tracked packages, your customers will get their orders on time, which will enhance your company’s credibility and get you more customers. 

Documenting Tool or App

In the end, every transportation manager needs a reliable documenting tool to put the reports in one place and record them for future reference. Since written records can get misplaced or damaged, storing records online can be extremely helpful and convenient. Use a cloud-based app or tool to record your documents. Even if your device is damaged, you can always have access to important information. 

Moreover, such tools make the task of editing and sending files easier. One such tool is Google Docs. All you need to do is edit the document, add comments, and send it to your employee to review. A single file provides the option of locking portions, editing, retrieving older files, and working on the same project at once. This is particularly useful if you are responsible for managing a large fleet. 

If you haven’t invested in a fleet management system yet, now is the right time. With the rise in competition, you must take every step needed to stand apart and grow your business. Even if some of these tools may exceed your budget, the credibility and rise in customers will make up for the investment. It is a small price to pay for your business’ growth and credibility.


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