What You Should Know About Getting Braces in Canada

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Everyone loves having a perfect smile adorned with beautiful and properly aligned teeth. However, unfortunately, not many are born with it. Fitting braces is a procedure that helps to achieve your teeth dreams, whether for aesthetics or more serious medical issues. Therefore, if you’re thinking of getting braces, here are things you should know about the treatment.

  1. Different Treatment Options

The first thing to understand about getting braces is that there are many different treatments: clear aligners, Damon braces, ceramic braces, and the list goes on. Although you might have a clear idea, through some research of which treatment you want, the treatment you choose might not be the best for your case. Therefore, it’s important to trust and follow your orthodontist. Canadian orthodontists are highly professional and well trained, so the orthodontist you choose will know which type of bracket treatment suits your case and offer you the best option. 

  1. Does Age Matter?

While there might be a stigma around the proper age for people to get braces, you should know that age doesn’t matter for this type of treatment. Whether young or old, anyone can get the perfect smile they want. Most people think that only teens can get braces, but according to the Canadian Association of Orthodontics, a big chunk of the people who get braces are individuals over the age of 21. Moreover, having beautifully aligned teeth is not always the reason behind getting braces. Many people opt for braces regardless of their age because of non-aesthetic and more serious issues. People with crooked teeth can face problems, such as having trouble with chewing, gum and jaw pain, or difficulty maintaining their dental hygiene. These are just a few reasons behind getting braces, regardless of age. Of course, it’s still the same if you’re aiming for a more aesthetic smile. Age really doesn’t matter when it comes to this procedure.

  1. Cost In Canada

Braces treatments in Canada usually cost between $3,000 and $7,000. However, this will vary depending on your type of treatment and where you live in Canada. Research more about the costs of each type of treatment in this article as it gives you more detailed information. Additionally, discuss this issue with your orthodontist, as your budget will also be a factor in deciding the treatment that suits you best. Moreover, they might be able to provide you with a payment plan allowing you to pay in installments. Moreover, some types of braces may require a specific regimen to keep your dental hygiene in the best shape; this might also add to your costs.

  1. Payment Options

Of course, some people might hesitate due to the treatment’s cost when it comes to braces. However, there are options that can help you cover the costs. In Canada, some groups and personal health insurance plans will cover a part of your treatment costs. Once your orthodontist gives you a specific quote, make sure to check with your insurance provider whether this is offered or not, and if yes, how much they will cover. You will be able to make a more informed decision regarding your portion of the payment before you start your treatment. Note that depending on the type of treatment you opt for, additional costs may be added, so make sure to ask about that as well.

  1. Discomfort and Diet Change

When you initially have your braces put on, expect some discomfort and throbbing. However, it will only appear during the first few days of your treatment and whenever changes are made during the middle stages of the treatment. Moreover, your orthodontist may ask you to slightly change your diet as some foods can become a hassle when eating and might pose as dangerous for your dental hygiene. Expect foods like hamburgers to be off the table.

  1. Post-Treatment

This is a very important step in your braces treatment. Expect your orthodontist to ask you to wear retainers after your treatment ends. It ensures that your teeth stay in place and avoid having them move back to their original positions. Make sure to follow what your orthodontist tells you to a tee.

There you have it. These are the things you should be aware of if you’re thinking of getting braces in Canada. Make sure to do proper research first and find the orthodontist you feel most comfortable with and trust as they’ll accompany you throughout the whole procedure. After a short period of wearing braces, you will have a perfect and beautiful smile.


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