7 Home improvements you need to make if you care about your health

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Many health complications begin at home, yet we are not aware of them. Some of them are usually ignored, but they have more significant impacts once they strike. To minimize health complications we get from home, it is advisable to improve our homes to guarantee health, safety, and security. 

Improve Lighting

Many people are currently reporting eye problems and are forced to put on glasses or contact lenses early. Therefore, to protect your sight and your families’ eyes, there is a need to have efficient and recommended lighting systems in your house. The bulbs should not be too dim to cause eye strains or too bright to damage the eye.  For good lighting, it is recommended you change the house windows with those that are dominantly made of glass to allow natural light into the house. The second adjustment has curtains that can let light penetration into the house. Finally, you may also need to adjust the television’s location to avoid too much closeness to the eye.   

Add Air Filters

Air filters play a crucial role in ensuring your breathing system is free from any impurities, and you are free from poisonous gases. Air filters will not only purify the air you breathe, but it will also ensure that your breathing system is free from dust. Finally, air filters will keep you safe from allergic reactions from substances like animal fur and dust. Failure to clean the dust in the high places could lead to respiratory complications and sometimes death. When buying air filters, the folks at filterbuy.com advice considering the filter’s size; look at the filter size of your unit – if there’s no size printed, use a tape measure to find the exact length, width, and depth, before you purchase one from a trusted seller. The air filters should be positioned in higher and lower house positions to trap all the impurities in the house.    

Improve Heating System

Winters are usually very harsh, and many people visit hospitals to complain about pneumonia and other cold-related diseases. To overcome any cold situation, you should make two improvements. One should be on the flooring since our feet get into contact a lot with the floor. The floor should be capable of heating in winter. If not, buy a warm and fluffy carpet to retain heat and protect the feet. Secondly, build a fireplace. The fireplace should be placed in the living room area or areas where you spend most of your time. 

Remove Old Carpets

Carpets and rugs, especially when old, store huge amounts of dust and pollen which can impact those with allergies and suffer from congestion. By replacing these carpets with modern alternatives such as floating flooring, tiles or epoxy concrete floors you can remove the largest contributor to respiratory illness in the home.

Extend or Convert a Room to Accommodate an Exercise Area

Most people prefer to go for morning or evening jogs to keep fit and healthy. Jogging is only suitable when the weather is favorable or when you do not have a busy schedule. Having an exercise room will ensure you get time to exercise daily, even when it is raining outside or during winters. If the house is too small to have a gym room, you can designate a space for other minimalist exercises such as yoga and meditation. Having these spaces will ensure you keep fit despite the strict schedules and unfavorable weather.

Plant a Garden or Get Some Bottled Plants

Many fear having plants in the living areas; on the contrary, plants can be suitable for keeping your environment healthy. Imagine a situation when your house is locked most of the day. What happens to the level of carbon gases that may be concentrated in the house? How do you get rid of them? Plants need carbon dioxide; therefore, they will utilize all the carbon dioxide, hence keeping your body systems safe from excess carbon gases that may be harmful to the internal organs. 

Change Your Utensils and Cutleries

Utensils and cutleries are made from various components. Some of these components are hazardous to the body when ingested. One of them is plastics and certain types of metals. You may not consume them directly, but when you eat warm or hot foods from these items, the manufacturing materials dissolve in the food and get into your system unnoticeably. Ingesting these components puts you at more risk of diseases like cancer. It would help if you also changed your heating equipment such as cooking pots, to ensure that the pots you use do not have harmful components. When storing food, it is recommended that you consider storage materials made of glass, not plastics.  

Buy Ergonomic Furniture

Whether sited, lying, or sleeping, furniture should be comfortable enough to keep us safe from ergonomic injuries such as backaches. When working from home, ensure you have recommended typing tables and chairs, not those in the dining or sitting room. The living area’s seats should not be too rigid to cause injuries after long hours of sitting. The mattress should not be too stiff to hurt body muscles and bones. The furniture should be comfortable and suitable for its functionality. 

Making home improvements is more comfortable than paying health insurance, medical bills, or funeral expenses. The progress we make can guarantee more years of living without any stress or health complications. Regardless of the cost, these improvements are essential. 


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