What Makes a Good Office Design

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Good working environments are important. People need a place where they can sit down, concentrate, and complete their tasks effectively and efficiently. Everyone has their own preferred way of working so incorporating a range of different styles into an office is often the best way to approach it. Old style offices tend to be crammed with as many desks as possible but that’s been proven in more recent years to not be as effective amongst staff. 

Office design is as important these days as the people you hire so it’s good to take some time looking into what’s going to ensure your staff have the facilities to complete their jobs well. The question is though, what makes a good office design? Let’s explore. 

The Layout 

The first thing people think of when looking at office design is the layout of everything. This is the first thing people see when they walk in and it’s the first thing that can make a difference to staff members. Desks being crammed next to each other will create a cramped, claustrophobic feel that will prevent workers from feeling free and relaxed. Open plan, free-flowing, offices tend to have a better vibe to them that allow staff to feel more relaxed in the workplace. 

Having an open space makes the office feel bigger and allows employees to collaborate with ease. Being able to speak up and talk over desks is much more productive than being locked away inside your own little cubicle, click here to discover ways to make the office feel freer. The point of an office is a team working together, don’t segregate them. Allow them to communicated, develop friendships, and work properly and truly as a team. 

Natural Light 

Fluorescent strip lighting has never been good. It’s something that brings a strange vibe with it that makes us feel groggy and trapped. Natural light is much better for working conditions as it makes the entire place feel bright and airy. It’s actually been proven to make people feel happier and more productive. If there’s something you want your staff to feel it’s happier and more productive, so it’s essential when creating an office space. Try and get as much natural light as possible, remove everything that could create shady parts of the office, and enjoy the inviting environment it brings.

Not only is natural light good for the people in the office it’s good for the office itself. There will be little need for artificial light making the energy needed less. Less energy means lower costs every month for lighting. 

Create Break Spaces 

Offices of old used to be one floor filled with desks and a segregated office for the manager or boss to work from. That isn’t the case these days as the more innovative companies, like Google, understand that workers need some time away from the office environment. Break spaces are hugely popular and allow staff to take a break and relax for 10 minutes whilst they process any work they are completing. It doesn’t just mean relaxing though, often the best ideas can be had away from a stressed computer environment where the brain has one thing to think about – whatever is on the screen. 

Many of the larger corporate companies have bean bag rooms, table tennis tables, some even have nap pods for their employees to utilize whilst at work. There really is something to be said about having a happy workforce. 

Furniture Matters 

The layout of an office is obviously hugely important but so is the furniture that fills it. Office design isn’t just where things are placed, it’s what is placed in there too. Practical, professional furniture will not only look good but will also make employees feel valued. It will make them more comfortable and that, in turn, will boost efficiency and productivity. 

With office health being such an important thing it’s good to consider things such as ergonomic chairs and desks that change position from sitting down to standing up. This will stop your employees from getting repetitive strain injuries and taking time off work. The less time off sick, the more productive your company is. 

An office is a place where companies are run from, they’re creating spaces that are the backbone of a business. There is no reason for the design to not be thought about. Time and effort should be placed into this thought process as the more put in at this stage, the more you’ll get out of it when it’s up and running. If you’re unsure of how to design and create your office space then hire a professional, they’re full of ideas that will help boost your company to the next level using only office design. 


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