Common house issues which can ruin your day

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Owning a home is a little more than just having a key to your front door. It requires constant upkeep and care for each area of the house. From smaller things, such as vacuuming the living room or doing the washing up, to larger-scale issues such as ensuring the roof isn’t damaged. No matter what we do as homeowners, there will always be times where issues spring up from nowhere causing unwanted and unnecessary stress. Knowing how to deal with these problems is the first step, fixing them is the second, and ensuring it never happens again in the third. 

In this article, we take a look at some common home issues that have the potential of ruining your day. 

The Dreaded Drip! 

There’s nothing worse than sitting at home, relaxing whilst watching television, maybe having a beer or a cup of coffee, and hearing the dreaded drip. That drip is instantly recognizable. It’s coming from somewhere it shouldn’t and you know it. You spring into action, jumping up sending your coffee near flying, where is it? When it comes to our homes we are fortunately well versed in finding where the problem is. Water is now pouring through one of the light fittings in the kitchen, how can that be possible? 

The first order of business is to find the stop cock, prevent any more water from cascading through your ceiling. Hidden water damage can be a side effect of small leaks. Water can sit in a cavity for quite some time before making its grand entrance, crashing through a wall, a roof, or your kitchen ceiling. You’ll have to locate where this leak is coming from and why it’s spilling through a light fitting. We aren’t all plumbers so it’s highly advisable, if the leak is that bad, to call in the professionals. Always use local firms, it’s best to give your job to a smaller firm rather than a giant corporate company. It’s easy to find out about local firms when you click here for more information. They tend to have better service and the price point is usually cheaper. Not to mention the fact the workforce is there because they want to be. You’ll have your leak fixed in no time at all. 

My Fence Has Blown Over! 

“It’s a bit windy, but I’m sure everything will be alright” is a common phrase uttered by many homeowners with a garden. “That fence is rock solid, it will never fall over” is another. Until the day that your fence rips from the ground on an aggressively windy day. This kind of issue has all the potential to ruin your day because it isn’t an easy fix. It isn’t something you can rectify straight away and the majority of the time, you won’t have the tools or the resources on hand to even give it a go. So there you are, waiting for the wind to stop with a gaping hole in your fence, neighbors peeking around asking what has happened. 

The only thing you can do in these situations is to call a local fencing company. They love the windy season as they know they’re going to get more work. But they always do a good job and you won’t need to call them for another 10 years if they do the job correctly. If your fence is looking a little worse for wear then it’s advisable to have the whole thing replaced before it takes off in the wind. 

Why Is It So Cold? 

There’s an unmistakable chill when the heating dies. Whether it be when you wake up with the world outside your duvet feeling like the baltic regions or the familiar heater click doesn’t sound when it’s supposed to, you know you’re in for at least a day of three jumpers sitting on the sofa. If there’s something that will really take the wind out your sails, it’s your heating breaking down. 

You can try to restart the boiler yourself or whichever system you use for heating, but the only thing you’re really going to be able to do is to call out the specialists. If you have house insurance and it’s the middle of winter this should flag up as an emergency call, so expect someone to be fixing your heating within the next 24 hours. 

Home issues can be a real dampener in your daily lives, especially when you aren’t expecting them. It’s slightly different when you know you have a roof inspection coming up and there’s the potential of some added costs to ensure it doesn’t fall through. As long as you look after your property these kinds of issues will rarely arise, whereas a neglected house will pose problems weekly. Don’t let your house cost you more than it needs to, just look after it. 


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