Creative Ways You Can Optimize Space in a Small Workplace

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As companies come in many different shapes and sizes, so do their offices. A cramped office with no room for the staff to breathe, let alone move, will never be efficient, nor effective. Your staff’s work will be hindered by their inability to move freely, and they will not be able to feel comfortable. However, an office that is small does not have to be cramped, nor do your employees have to feel like they cannot breathe or move. You can, in fact, optimize space, and make your office, notwithstanding size, efficient, and effective.

This page will tell you a few creative ways that you can optimize space in a small workplace. The first step is to take all of the furniture held within out, then you can begin reading this guide and implementing the suggestions put forward here.

Mobile Desks

Mobile desks and drawers are a fantastic way to optimize space in your workplace and office. If the room is small and you cannot fit a traditional wooden [or metal] desk in, then a mobile desk and mobile office pedestal drawers could be the solution. These mobile drawers and desks allow you to move the drawers and desks away into a corner to create space when it’s needed. If it were not for these, you would be stuck with a large immovable desk that takes up an entire room. With mobile desks and drawers, however, when space is needed, it can be made. You can also work atop these with laptops. They are great for storage, too. You can even, if the wheels are detachable, stack them one atop another to create maximum space when you need to make it.

Wall-Mounted Shelving

Wall-mounted shelving is always a fantastic option when you do not have a lot of room to move around. Shelving units that are freestanding can consume a lot of space and can be very awkward. With wall-mounted shelving units, however, this is not a problem, and you can store paperwork, files, and electronic equipment without them obstructing your way. Wall-mounted shelving can go quite high, providing your room is tall, and some offices have ladders to help them access equipment, thereby freeing a lot of room on ground-level. Consider wall-mounted shelving for your office.

Post It Boards

Post-it boards are a great way to free space up in your office and free up drawers and shelving units. A lot of paperwork can be lost, misplaced, or hoarded in an office. By sticking it to the wall and attaching it to a post-it board, you will be able to keep track of everything and know what to throw out and when and give you somewhere to post your notes. Post-it boards can be, like wall-mounted shelving units, attached to the wall. They can be a great way to free up drawer space. Consider putting one up today – you won’t regret it.

Collapsible Chairs

Collapsible chairs are a great and ingenious way to free space up in your office or workplace. Your employees will not all be in at the same time – some will work days others do not – some will take days off. It is on these days when you have less stuff that non-collapsible chairs become a real headache. Collapsible chairs can remedy this and can be folded up and put to one side, thereby freeing up room and meaning everybody is not standing on top of each other in the absence of a member of staff.


It is commonplace to go into an office and see clutter everywhere; desks holding postcards, mugs, and snacks; boxes piled atop one another in the corner of the room; useless pictures and posters hung up. If you want to optimize space – it’s time to declutter. Keep desks tidy and presentable, file everything away, and take posters off of the walls. This will ensure that your office is decluttered and space-optimized. Clutter can really bring down the mood of your office and make it feel stuffy and cramped – you would be amazed to see how much your office can improve without it.

Natural Light

While not a way to optimize space, it is best to mention this; the feel of an office can be overwhelming if you get no natural light, or if the windows are obstructed. Clear the windows and let fresh air in – that way the office will feel a lot more comfortable and less like a prison for your staff, and on top of that, opening windows can remove toxins and viruses from the air.

Now, with the help of this page, you know all that there is to know about creating space and improving your office. Optimizing your workplace for space is a great way to improve your staff’s productivity. If your workplace is stuffy and cramped, read this and sort it out!


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