Common Sewer Line Problems and How to Fix Them

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Any sewer line problem is not a laughing matter. It may cause you time and money if ignored. Some of your property can be damaged from the subsequent effect of sewer pipe damage, such as leakage or worst flooding. It is crucial to be alert and proactive about what causes these problems and what you can do about it. Here are some tips to make you more knowledgeable about this issue.

Tree Roots Infiltration

It is a common enough problem when it comes to sewer lines. The roots damage the pipeline, causing it to leak. But the more significant issue is when the roots break the line, it will result in plumbing clogs. Clogs often happen because roots naturally look for water sources during the time of moderate rainfall. 

Roots spread out under the ground looking for water and, in this case, found your sewer line. To avoid this problem, see where you plant your trees, don’t put it near your pipes; also, you can try to water your plants more during the dry season; this will hasten the roots in spreading out.

Rusting Pipes

Rust is formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture. Due to continuing contact with water and other substances, sewer pipes rust faster than you think. Dust eats away the pipes making it leak. Crack pipes make your drinking water contaminated, therefore causing severe illness to your family. It makes you spend not only for repair but as well as for medical check-up. 

However, you can avoid this kind of problem if you will have your plumbing examination every three years. You can check the to find out about more ways to deal with rusting pipes. It is essential to have a professional handle this for they know more about how to deal with it.

Solid Flushes

The things you flushed down your toilet, which you’re not supposed to cause significant to your pipeline. This happens especially to households with small children. Children are captivated in flushing everything they put their hands into, from toys, cellphones, keys, wallets, and a lot more. Not only that, but even adults also have their shares like tampons, wet tissue, diapers, and cigarette butts. You’ll think that older people are a lot more informed than children, but it happens. Train your kids and yourself too, to be aware of the things you flushed.

Grease Build-Up

Never pour your grease into the sink nor into your toilet. Bear in mind that lard softens when heated and curdles when cooled off. Without a doubt, water is the best and fastest way to harden grease. It blocks the sewer and causes leaks and flooding. To be able to circumvent this matter, you’d better dispose of it properly. You can put it in a sealed container and throw it away in the trash.

Generally, there are many factors that contribute to sewer pipe damage. The reasons mentioned above, as well as structural defects, city sewer surge, or back up, are all caused by it. Nevertheless, no matter what are the reasons for this matter, let the professionals handle it. Obtaining their help increases the safety of your property along with the well being of your family in case they are exposed to waste matter.


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