How to Know When It’s Time to Fix Your Relationship

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Relationships are not all rainbows and butterflies. Along the way, couples may experience some hiccups in the relationship. However, some issues will really hurt and push you to your limits. It is difficult to let go of something you treasure. So before it slips through your hands, make sure that you do everything that you can to save it. 

If you are concerned about you and your partner, here are some of the signs that you need to fix your relationship.

When You Don’t Stop Fighting

Fighting and occasional bickering are normal for couples. Surprisingly, it is a sign of a healthy relationship. Conflict becomes an issue when, first, you don’t stop arguing; second, when you start hurling disrespectful words to each other, and lastly, when it is not only a verbal fight but also a physical fight. If your life is filled with constant bickering than loving moments, then it is undoubtedly the time to fix your relationship. 

Don’t let it go to the point that you are putting each other down or throwing hurtful words and getting annoyed over petty things. Picking a fight is a sign that your relationship might be becoming toxic. Constant fighting is a good indication that you can benefit from relationship counselling with a couple’s counselor. It is better to prevent and work things out early so they won’t lead to something more serious. A couple’s counselor will help you with anger management and the proper way to communicate by resolving it right away. 

When You Are Not Intimate With Each Other

There is a “honeymoon phase” in the relationship where everything is exciting and fun. However, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. The initial passion you felt becomes something different. There are a lot of factors that will impact your intimacy with each other. Lost intimacy doesn’t automatically mean a failed relationship. 

There will be times when you are just tired, busy, and overwhelmed. Intimacy can still be recovered if that’s the case. Talk to your partner, set uninterrupted quality time together, and try new things to make each other feel desired and seen. Intimacy isn’t just about the sex life. It is also about being affectionate. Try to be loving even in small ways. Don’t let it come to a time that the desire for each other will diminish. Do be afraid to also shake things up. Relationship expert Emma from says that women need to start taking charge in relationships instead of relying on men to always be the dominant partner.

When There’s No More Trust

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. No matter what happens, you need to be able to trust your partner. Your relationship will not flourish and last without it, so you have to build a strong trust and repair it if it is damaged already. 

If you are starting with the relationship, you should work on not trying to violate trust with each other. Make sure not to transfer any past trust issues and traumas to your new partner. And if the trust has been broken, try to talk the problem out and communicate in the most honest way possible. You should be open with each other and try to be forgiving if the circumstance is worth forgiving. 

When You Can’t Stop Being Jealous 

Jealousy can ruin a relationship. That non-stop nagging feeling will eat your insides. We all experience jealousy, whether we like it or not. You have to work your way around it and manage it for it not to ruin your relationship. 

You can manage your jealousy, but managing jealousy is different between any couple. You can talk it out, talk to the people involved, lay rules, or eliminate the thing causing it. Don’t let your insecurity get to you, and don’t let it make you possessive and controlling. Otherwise, your relationship will be a toxic one. 

When You Don’t Get To Spend Time Together

It would be best if you always spent quality time with your partner. If you find yourselves spending less and less time together, then it is time for an intervention. Sit down, take time to listen, or be there for your other half. 

Try to plan something nice every day, whether it is just spending time eating lunch or reading books together before you go to sleep. Ask questions about each other, plan activities, and give each other the time and attention you deserve. If you can’t find any time to spend with each other, then it is undoubtedly a sign that your relationship needs fixing. 

When Your Emotional Needs Aren’t Met

Both of the people in the relationship need to put the same amount of effort into making the relationship work. If you found yourselves not being happy with the other person’s effort and interest in the relationship, this can lead to something more problematic. This is one of the most vital signs that you need help in fixing your relationship. 

If you are already dealing with this issue, try to talk about your needs and how you want them to be fulfilled. Try to listen to each other and not answer dismissively and defensively. Make sure that your partner understands you, and give each other a chance to explain their side before you decide on how to go through with the relationship. 

When You Want To Cheat – Or Already Did

Thinking about cheating or acting on that thought means that your relationship certainly needs fixing. Adoring someone is usual, but fantasizing and cheating with some other person is a big red flag. Suppose you find yourself having an affair. 

Whether it is emotional or physical, cheating means your relationship is at an alarming point. However, if it is still just a thought, you can talk it through and have an honest conversation. The outcome might be different from every other couple, so make sure that you are on the same page. Otherwise, this will still blow up sooner or later. 

A relationship needs people who love, understand, and trust each other. You cannot be half-hearted or expect that everything will go smoothly all by itself. Make sure that you know how to compromise. Be honest and understanding both for yourself and your partner. Lastly, remember that a relationship is not just about all the highs. You have to be with each other through the lows. 


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