The Benefits of Having a Coffee Machine in the Workplace

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Any boss or manager has to provide a safe and conducive work environment for their employees. So, what better way to achieve this than with a modern coffee machine? Almost everyone loves coffee and drinks coffee on a daily basis, that’s beyond debate. While we’re hard at work, we’ll often find ourselves needing a pick-up-me to help us get through the day. Now, it only stands to reason that every company or startup venture should have a coffee machine for all to enjoy. Let’s explore some of the reasons why you and your employees stand to benefit greatly.


At one point or another during the day, people will leave their desks to go grab a cup of coffee at the nearest café or refill their thermos at the cafeteria. Needless to say, this can eat away valuable time, and therefore, money. Besides, leaving the office for some coffee can be frustrating for many. As such, with a convenient coffee machine right in the office, employees will enjoy a quick fix in no time!


While a coffee machine is certainly an investment of its own right, it comes with several advantages in the long run. With coffee consumption on the rise in Australia and across the world, people no longer have to spend $5 to $10 for a latte or their favorite drink. Generally speaking, coffee machines offer unbeatable prices for good quality coffee beverages, which will encourage people to come back for more.


It is virtually impossible for anyone to survive a day on the job without taking a few breaks. During that time, people opt for drinks like coffee or tea to recharge their batteries, boost their energy levels, and stay alert and motivated. In fact, studies have pointed to the benefits of drinking coffee in moderate quantities at work, which can help promote concentration and prevent sluggishness. For those reasons, a coffee machine at the office is an absolute must-have to keep employees satisfied and productive.

Cooperation and Teamwork

In a similar vein, adding a coffee machine to the workplace can effectively strengthen the bonds between employees, staff, and other personnel. For instance, by taking turns to fetch coffee for everyone, this will help build a team spirit that is bound to reflect in the work. Also, the insertion of newcomers will be facilitated in that way. This isn’t to say that everybody will miraculously get along, but a coffee machine can really help bring a better atmosphere.

Conviviality & Networking

Speaking of which, whether we like it or not, the office isn’t simply a place for work. It’s a community of people laboring together, creating friendships and bonds, and exchanging and evolving. So, having a coffee machine installed can be a great way to facilitate communication and lift everyone’s spirit. Coupled with the benefits of caffeine consumption, this will work to make the workplace a friendlier and more dynamic environment.

Good Impression

Whether it’s a visiting customer, a potential investor, or a prospective employee, the presence of a coffee machine can have positive effects on your business’ reputation and make it shine in a good light. It’s a sign that the company cares about the wellbeing of both its employees and visitors. If your business is a car dealership, a garage, or any other establishment that receives a lot of people, the ability to enjoy some coffee while waiting can be a great way to get people comfortable and return for more business.

Maintenance and Safety

Last but not lease, coffee machines are space-efficient, safe, and low maintenance. In fact, no one needs to be there to prepare the coffee, they don’t take that much space (although sizes do vary), and they require very little maintenance except for some cleaning. This works to eliminate the risks of having a hot kettle or pot fall over and injure someone. Finally, coffee machines also provide great variety, whether you’re in the mood for a strong espresso or a nice foamy and creamy latte.

All things considered, apart from the initial buying and installation cost, equipping a workplace with a coffee machine only comes with benefits. They’re convenient, promote efficiency and productivity, help employees bond, and improve the atmosphere at work. If, as an owner or manager, you still have some shortcomings, do not hesitate to consult a workplace furnishing expert to explore your options. That way, you can find a machine that will provide the best return on investment and keep everyone happy at the same time!


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