What Should You Look into When Doing a Background Check

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Background checks offer an effective and safe way to incorporate new employees into an organization. They enable employers to ensure the safety of the workplace and increase performance by hiring competent persons. Moreover, background checks help business owners in avoiding conflicts with the governing law. 

One could be liable for risking other employees and property by hiring a criminal. The employer should have a checklist for all areas that need verification to get genuine and qualified employees only. If you are an employer and would like to hire new workers, here are factors to include in your background check.

Employment history

Applicants may be tempted to customize their resumes with false information to look ideal for a particular position. As an employer, you should ensure that the candidate can comprehensively support all the resume information. For instance, the candidate should provide information about his past duties and responsibilities. They should also explain their past achievements in their previous organization. 

Moreover, they should account for their send-off from the previous job. The above information is not enough for you to absorb the applicant. After receiving it, you should use your verification software to ascertain its credibility. If the information is false, then you can narrow down the applicant list by sending them off.

Criminal record 

Crime has dominated the business world today. It ranges from physical to virtual. Hiring a criminal in your organization can threaten you, your employees, and your property. Therefore, checking your employees’ criminal record should be among the top considerations in your watchlist lest you end up in regret. Note that some applicants may give fake evidence to prove that they have no trail of criminal activity. Do not make your hiring decision based on such information. Instead, ensure that your verification software can screen through the applicant’s criminal records (if any) to produce their detailed crime information. 

Job qualifications

Another mistake that employers commit is hiring employees before verifying their academic qualifications. The truth is that most applicants will include fake educational qualifications in the resume. They may also attach phony certifications to comply with the job requirements. The situation can even worsen if one of your interviewing team leaks the interview questions. 

The candidate can prepare sufficiently to surpass every other applicant and even win your interest. As a professional, you should use screening software to verify the credibility of applicants’ certificates. By so doing, you will only hire the most qualified employees and reduce business failure chances. 

Identity verification

Retaining a person as your employee can be more demanding than you can imagine. Some emergencies like sickness or fire, may strike your employee, making them unable to identify themselves. On the other hand, your employee may develop bad habits such as theft and cause you substantial fraudulent losses. As a result, you should keep your employees’ identity as one way of tracing them. 

The identity information should include their nationality, good citizenship, next of kin, and contact details. After collecting their information, you should check its reliability using the verification app. All you need is to ensure that your software can provide useful information from authentic sources.

Mental and physical health

A mentally unsound person may be a threat to your property and employees. Further, they may easily injure themselves, mainly if they operate machines. Before hiring, you should ensure that your employee is mentally capable of executing their roles and responsibilities. 

They should also be physically fit to take productivity or sales to another level. You can effectively achieve this by conducting a health check before signing the contract. However, employee health checks should not be a one-time activity. You should make them a routine to enhance the working efficiency.

Compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

The fair credit reporting act regulates the privacy, accuracy, and fairness of the background reports. You should always stick and comply with the provisions of the FCRA act to avoid the worst legal action that may follow non-compliance. Compliance involves providing sufficient information about the employees’ credit standing, character, and creditworthiness. It also includes living standards, physical health, and much more, which acts as a base for gauging the employees’ eligibility.

As you can see, you need to do a proper background check to ensure FCRA compliance and make a sound hiring decision. Verifying the employee information will help you reduce your business risks and create a more secure working environment. It will also boost your productivity/ profits through the selection of most competent employees. All you need is verification software to help you verify the information from authentic sources.


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