The best networking events in Perth

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Are you looking at expanding your business, improve your skills as an entrepreneur or just wanting to spend some time away from your business and work on yourself as a business owner? Networking events are excellent options for achieving this and thankfully there are a huge amount of active groups across the Perth metropolitan area. These networking groups can be general in nature, specialised to a specific industry or location in Perth, can be a Women’s only events or even for a specific community group. To help you find a networking event that suits you, we’ve generated a list of some of the best networking groups in Perth:

Our picks for the best networking events in Perth

Business Networking International (BNI)

It almost goes without saying, BNI is the largest and most active community of business professionals globally. With a very structured organisation, BNI allows only one of each profession into each chapter and encourages active referrals amongst all members to increase the revenue of all businesses in the group. Because of this BNI member is very sought after by many professionals (such as mortgage brokers and tradespeople) so finding a spot can be difficult. Thankfully there are multiple BNI chapters across Perth so if you can’t find a space look around at other chapters in your area. You can also register your interest with BNI for future chapter formations if you can’t find an available chapter.


Facilit8 is a networking organisation with 5 chapters across the Perth area for business owners. Focused on putting their members first, Facilit8 funding model is designed to go to the group which you’re a member of to enable it to grow and promote the members within it. One of Facilit8’s unique features is an online referral system which is accessible to members behind a login system. Facilit8 Networking events run for 1.5 hours generally as breakfasts, however they also do have evening events called “Sundowners” and are run on the last Friday of each month for 3 hours.

Beer & Beef Club Perth

The Beer and & Beef Club is exactly as it sounds. A themed networking group, each event is focused around dining at locations where you can enjoy a beef related dish with either a local or internationally produced beer. Whilst not a hard core business networking group, informally many business owners attend these groups and build strong connections which flow through to their professional capacity outside of the events.

District32 Business Cooperative

District32 Coop is a locally owned and operated network of business owners focused on growth through education, resource sharing and referrals. With a strong focus on helping to improve your soft skills as well as the network of businesses around you, District32 comes at networking events from a holistic perspective. District32 also has an active business podcast and blog with interviews, business resources and tips on how to become a better business owner.

Meeting Minds

 Meeting Minds provides networking events in three locations in Perth – Hillarys, Inaloo and the Perth CBD. Run as structured breakfasts, Meeting Minds includes formal introductions of all members to the group, presentations and Q&A’s, referral exchanges and guest visitor presentations. For the early risers looking to network before their workday Meeting Minds is for you, with their networking events starting at 7am and finishing by 8:30am.

Benefits for businesses networking in Perth

  1. Business networking groups help grow your business! Meet potential referral partners, clients and customers, get tips on how to improve your business, grow your revenue or save money. The opportunities are endless.
  2. Helps you stay social. It’s a common fact that many business owners, especially solopreneurs, spend large stretches of time with minimal social interactions which can lead to depression, anxiety or just feeling down about your business and work arrangements. With business networking you can maintain that sense of community which feeds positive energy through to your day to day activities in the business.
  3. Find your weak points/blind spots. The great thing about business networking is that it allows you to get the perspective of business owners that you’ve likely never met before. This means instead of your normal social circle, you can be exposed to ideas, be challenged on perspectives or have current views validated. This helps you grow as a business owner and a person.
  4. It helps improve your public speaking. Whilst most networking groups are fairly informal, some will have introduction sections where you will provide an ‘elevator pitch’ on who you are and what your business does to the group. Likewise you will be thrown into the mix of all the other networking members where you will have to gain confidence speaking with strangers – an essential skill for any business owner.
  5. Attending networking events as a business owner improves your accountability. As you go through these events you will start to form consistent connections who will understand where your business is currently at and what you’re trying to achieve. This external source allows you to maintain a level of accountability as you can’t rest on your laurels than if you were to be isolated by yourself as a solo business owner.

How to make the best use of a networking event

  1. Don’t be shy! It’s easy to sit in the corner of the room and shy away from conversation, but this won’t help you or your business grow.
  2. Handing out business cards is good, building connections is better. Every networking event I’ve gone to in Perth, I’ve been handed dozens of cards from various business owners but that’s where the conversation has ended. Follow up with any business who gives you their details – whether it’s a quick thank you for talking, or to organise a time to catch up make the best use of the first exchange to start forming bonds.
  3. Your time is valuable so try to stick to the task at hand. It’s very easy to spend your time at the food buffet talking with some people about the football score, but remember this is about building your business! Yes you shouldn’t definitely be a one dimensional business robot who only talks about work, but don’t forget to spend some time focusing on what brought you to the event in the first place.
  4. Help others. The best way to make a good impression and generate strong bonds which will create reciprocal benefits for everyone involved is to start on the front foot. Whether you can help with some simple advice, can provide them with a business lead or anything in between, by helping others you generate good will and prove yourself to be a valuable contact.

Have you been recently to a Perth networking event which you think should be on the list? Let us know!


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