Everything You Need to Know Before Heading to Your First Aerial Yoga Class

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Many people find it intimidating to start fitness classes. Yoga is quite a complex activity, and the anxiety of going to your first class can surely be bothersome. To make matters worse, the aerial classes bring more complex aspects like height and more intensive workouts.  With some good understanding of what aerial yoga is, your anxiety can begin to ease. Aerial yoga incorporates pilates, silks, poles, and aerial barre. Your exercises can be more fun than intimidating. Once you’ve made up your mind and are ready for your first aerial  yoga class, take note of the following:

Dress in Tight Fitting Clothes

Aerial yoga needs a rather tight dress code, unlike other yoga types, which you can comfortably participate in with some loose pants and blousy tops.  You must put on some tight leggings and sleeved tops to avoid sliding while around the hammock. According to fitness enthusiasts at Missfit, for aerial exercise, you need tight clothes which can prevent your skin from being picked as you make different moves.  Ensure your clothes have a similar type of fabric or silk to facilitate a good grip.  Sometimes you can choose to put on some sticky socks and gloves to enhance your grip.

Go Ready to Learn

It shall take time and practice for you to be good at those flying moves. You require an open mind and a lot of willingness to dare and learn. You must have faith in yourself and see yourself as good at it even before making your first move. Positive vibes can keep you going. Remember you need to make many tries as you are forced to imagine the silk and hammock are your ground surfaces. This way, you can easily let yourself loose and fly. Your success with a single move in your first class should motivate you. Also, have in mind that anyone can do aerial yoga. It is not for people with specific extra capabilities. You are suited to do it too.

Look  Forward to Inversions

While you might think sitting in the back seat in class can give you some time to study and adjust to the new environment, you might be unlucky if you try this. The front of the class becomes the back and vice versa, so you better sit in front. Simultaneously, you ought to be ready for inverted poses. As much as you might not be a fan of those inverted pose moves, it is time you embrace them.

 It’s aerial yoga anyway! You will need to be ready to be fully inverted independently without any force of gravity to support you. You, however, need to be sure you cannot readily fall as you will have the hammock with you anytime your head faces the ground first. Furthermore, these inversions can help you detox your body as the lymph systems are massaged in the process. The inversion can also help you straighten your spine and consequently relax it letting go off any tension.

Be Ready to Stretch and Strengthen 

Is your first aerial yoga class due, and you feel you are not flexible enough? This shouldn’t bother you. You have made the right choice to choose aerial yoga. It shall ensure you have the highest level of flexibility you can ever get to. Aerial yoga involves a lot of body lengthening and stretching, which will increase your flexibility with time. You will be involved in dynamic and static stretches besides using your hammock. Myofascial releases can help to ease your rigid muscles. Throughout the aerial exercises, you will be engaging your core. Your core can help you maintain stability as you make different poses. Your upper body will also aid your suspension. Your hammock will also be there to keep you afloat as you make your grand jete moves. Your legs and core will be strengthened in the process.

Your first aerial yoga class can be fun if you are ready to dare and learn new moves. There are different studios with unique policies, so it can help if you research the particular policies of the place you will be taking your aerial classes. There are also many forms of aerial yoga, and you will get to learn them as time goes by. Your flexibility should not hold you back from making your first moves. Remember to take off jewelry as you go to your aerial class for safety reasons. Avoid eating fatty as the inversion moves can cause you to throw up. It is essential to keep hydrated. Read your studio rules and abide by them. Remember to be dressed in the most appropriate clothes and shoes. With the openness of mind and willingness to learn, you can have the best experience in your first aerial yoga class.


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