Expert Tips for Negotiating With Car Dealers

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The idea of getting anything new is always exciting, but the process of buying it can be overwhelming. Buying a car is the second-largest purchase a person can make after buying property, and so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The process of searching for the perfect car and comparing models and features can be overwhelming, and once you’ve made the decision, you still have the purchasing process. 

Everyone always tries to get the best possible deal, meaning having to negotiate, which for many, isn’t exactly their forte. Here are some expert tips on how you can confidently negotiate with car dealers for a great car deal.

1. Do Your Research

You can’t go into a negotiation process with a car salesman without carrying your own weapons of knowledge. Make sure you know everything about the car model you want to buy in every aspect; features, trade-in value, resale value, the common price, etc. This will protect you from being like a deer caught in headlights while your car salesperson goes on about things you’ve never heard of before. As soon as they sense you lack the necessary knowledge, it’ll be in their advantage to convince you to take on extra services or increase the price. Your research can help you negotiate to lower the price when you notice a missing feature in a certain model, for example.

2. Look Around

 One of the most common rookie mistakes is to shop at only one or two dealerships. You have to shop around before making your final decision because it increases your chances of getting the best deal out there. It doesn’t only benefit you when it comes to comparing offers, it can also initiate a bidding war between dealerships. When a dealer knows you’ve got other offers on the table, it encourages them to lower the price further. Even if you think you got an awesome deal from the first or second dealership, there’s no need to rush into it then finding out you could’ve gotten an even better deal. 

3. Don’t Reveal All Your Cards

Playing it cool and smart is better than revealing all your cards in the beginning and having them used against you. For example, don’t share how you plan to finance the car because if a dealer finds out it won’t be through the dealership, they’ll drive up the price to make up for the loss. It’s also wise not to tell them if you’re planning to do a trade-in from the get-go because they might use the profit margin to make it seem they’re paying you a lot for it. 

Separating the purchasing from the trade-in will guarantee you getting the best deal on both. Being unpredictable during the negotiation process is the best approach to keep your dealer on their toes and encourage them to lower the price.

4. Be Patient

Rushing into any negotiation process is a failed strategy in the long-run and the same goes for cars. When you’re about to negotiate a car deal, it’s best to approach it with a long-haul mindset. Showing any sense that you’re in a rush to buy will give the dealer the confidence to sell any deal knowing you’ll take it in your hurry. Make sure your dealer can handle you taking your time as the experts from explain that you need a dealer that would be as patient as you want with this decision. You don’t want a dealer who is pressuring you to accept a deal without taking into consideration your concerns and the importance of the purchase. 

5. Attitude is Everything

Your pre-negotiating attitude as well as during can be a factor in getting the best possible deal. It’s always advisable to build a good relationship with your car dealer that has the perfect balance between professional and friendly. You don’t want to seem too serious and play hardball from the start, causing you to come off unfriendly. At the same time, being too friendly could make you seem not serious during negotiations. Try to be likable while still staying firm and assertive.

The most important thing to remember while negotiating with car dealers is to take the wheel because, at the end of the day, the last word will be yours. It’s not a purchase you make often so you have to approach it cleverly. Knowledge and organization of finance are your best chance of getting a great car deal that you can boast about to your friends. Don’t forget that timing and patience with these things are also crucial because ultimately, it is a game of ‘who will cave first’, so don’t let it be you who does.


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