Why You Need a YouTube Converter Tool

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For a long time, downloading videos from YouTube was thought to be an impossible task. However, this is not the case today and there are various methods that enable you to download videos to your hard drive. Today, saving online videos offline has never been easier, and the latest YouTube converter tools even allow you to choose what type of video file you want to save it.

This article is a guide to five reasons why you need a YouTube Converter tool.

1. No Advertisements

The number of advertisements that we have to sit through on a popular YouTube these days is a little crazy. Though we all understand the importance of displaying those advertisements for the companies involved, it doesn’t make them any less annoying. The experts at Viddly explain that most people watch YouTube to relax and enjoy something they find interesting or fun, but these days ads can pop up out of nowhere; before the video plays, in the middle or at the end; and they can even appear multiple times (especially with longer videos). The great thing about converting YouTube videos and saving them as a file is that you can now enjoy them without having to sit through any of the annoying ads. 

2. File Backup

On an online platform like YouTube, millions of videos are uploaded every day, but millions are also deleted every day, whether that is by the authorities or the uploader themselves. Imagine how it would be if you have saved your favorite video to an online playlist, but a couple of days later it is nowhere to be found. Whether it violates the terms and conditions of YouTube, or the owner just changes their mind about it and decides to make it private just for them to see, the result is still hard-hitting. 

There is no need for regrets when using a YouTube Converter tool since you know that you have already had a copy of your favorite videos offline, you won’t have to worry about the online version being removed.

3. File Compatibility

Modern devices, especially mobile devices, are very sophisticated and can read many different types of files. However; there are still numerous types of file formats that are not supported, or will take your device a bit of time to load and play. There is no point in saving your favorite videos in formats that are not compatible with your device; maybe you just want the sound files (.mp3, .wav,) to listen to on your iPod, or maybe you want the entire video file (.mp4, .mkv, …) to enjoy later on your tab; you need to take a look at the compatibility of the files to your devices to ensure that they will work.

Fortunately, with a YouTube Converter tool, your favorite videos will be converted to a universal format such as .mp3 or .mp4, and more advanced platforms will even let you choose your format of choice for them to convert to. This means that you can watch the files on any device that you have and won’t have any more worries about file compatibility in the future.

4. Offline Access

Since YouTube is an online platform that requires an Internet connection, you cannot watch any of the videos without an internet connection. This can be very frustrating in areas with no WiFi access or where there is no 4G to connect to. By converting and downloading videos directly to your device or storage tool, you do not have to have an internet connection to enjoy your favorite videos. This is particularly useful in public places like coffee shops where connecting to their WiFi network leaves you vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


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