The Womens Money Forum – Illuminating pathways for financial transformation

The Womens Money Forum – Illuminating pathways for financial transformation

Exclusive interview with Deanne Carter, the Investment Mentor from Womens Money Forum.

IMG_20170531_091804_resized_20170531_091939197What would we generally catch you wearing on a Sunday morning 10am?
Are you kidding me – definitely active wear!!!! Life is about being comfortable, flexible and fun – this has me covered on all angles J

What do you currently drive/ride? VW Eos convertible – number plate AWAKEN – Eos is goddess of the dawn and therefore Awaken seemed so appropriate. I also love that it reminds me daily to be present and grateful for how lucky we are to live in Australia.

What is your morning routine? Describe a typical morning in your house. (optional) I’m a 5.30am girl. I absolutely love to wake up with nature, and so you’ll find me out with my pooch most mornings. I’ve had this routine for 20years and I love the solitude of the morning. It’s a chance to tune into the hum of the universe, reconnect with my spirit and set my intention for the day

Would you say you have had an interesting and unique life so far?  What I find fascinating about my life is how everything seems to have led me perfectly to this point where I now feel I am embarking upon my greatest adventure yet. I’m an avid learner and thrive on the challenge of stepping outside of what I know and what is comfortable. I approach life with a sense of curiosity and wonder, and as a result, I’ve re-created myself and career several times over. Each opportunity has provided an extensive platform to develop skills and expertise around how we position ourselves to lead a life which we get to design. Life doesn’t happen to you, we get to create how we want it to look.

Describe what success means to you ?  Oh that is an easy one – Success for me is measured by one simple thing – am I happy? We’ve all had times where we’ve asked ourselves the question ‘what is my purpose in life’ – mine is simply to be happy. When I am that, I feel free to live impactfully. And this means giving others reason to smile and feel good within themselves too

What & When did you see a niche in the market to go after it? I first started investigating and gathering data around Womens attitudes to money and investing back in 2009. At the time I had been working with a family around designing an investment strategy which was how I met their 6 year old daughter. She was very curious to know why and what I was speaking with her parents about. It was at this point I recognised the trajectory of her family’s financial future was forever changed. As a result of sharing my expertise, the modelling she was receiving by her parents would thus be very different to that of the majority of her friends. I realised that this was exactly what I had received…. an absolute gift from my parents. And the Womens Money Forum, in principle was formed. How do we change the modelling to our children about money? By changing the relationship that their parents have with money! And specifically the redundant financial blueprints which no longer represent the type of lifestyles women are leading now and into the future.

Describe one of your products/services? The Womens Money Forum is illuminating pathways for financial transformation. Together with my business partner Fran Hughes, we are bringing our 50+ year of financial expertise to creating a digital automated and systemised financial platform. This is a new way for women to access information in a way that is not only super easy and without financial jargon, but enables them to access the strategies and tools to move them ahead. It’s the solution for women who are at that time in their life where they are asking themselves, “what now, what next, what else? And what can I be doing with my money to give me more of what makes me happy?” The Forum enables them to connect, design the life which makes their heart sing, whilst also ensuring they’ve got their future financial covered so their family can flourish.

What’s the highlight of your career? A driving theme throughout my working career has been what can I do to positively impact anothers’ experience of life. I’ve loved every moment of what I have done thus far so that in and of itself is the biggest highlight I could possibly dream of.

How would you describe your journey so far? I made a promise to myself when I came out of Uni that I would never work in a job that I disliked or with people who were not congruent with my core values. I have navigated my journey around this premise and can therefore say that life has indeed been very fulfilling. I am so blessed to be surrounded with extraordinary humans who inspire me constantly.

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Everyone goes through ups and downs in life and its only relative. What would you say are your highs and lows? Your experience of life is created by the moments you spend with people you adore and doing things that gift to you great joys. My highs have therefore been times when I have challenged myself whether it be in learning new skills, gaining further academic qualifications, or stretching my mind on what’s possible both mentally and physically. So I like fun and adventure, I love goofing around with my family, I love travelling, I love dancing, and I love being active. These are my daily ups. When life unexpectedly throws a curveball I resort to doing more of the things that lift me up to compensate!!

Where do you see yourself next year, 5, 10, 20 years from now? Our business is in start up phase so we have a lot ahead of us. The exciting thing is, the world is changing so rapidly which means we have full capacity to dream, design and create our reality for the future. The fundamental component for us is the ability to be flexible to run our business wherever we are, and having fun in the process of doing it. We love the connectedness that the digital space gives us and with incredible and amazing women all over the world it gives us the opportunity to make a massive impact in the arena of financial wellness.

What is your dream lifestyle? I really am living it!

If you had a magic wand, what would you change and replace right here, right now? The gender pay gap!

What life lessons have you learnt that you can share with the readers? That everything happens for a reason and there is a perfect conspiracy for your success…. If you believe it!

What business lessons have you learnt and from your professional journey, what advice would you give readers? My underlying philosophy – stay true to who you are, listen to your intuition, ensure everyone wins and you leave people in a better place than when you met them.

Your favorite quote? The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt


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