StartUp Event for Perth Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Free Event by Nifnex

26th November 2016 Saturday; 9am Registration 10am Start – 4pm Finish

Integrity Business Centre, 67 Howe Street, Osborne Park, WA 6017

Proudly Sponsored by Cherry Black Business Builders

A full day of fun, excitement, education and inspiration to get your business flying. Supported by the ATO, industry experts and 30 successful business owners as mentors, who are all wanting to help you succeed.

All participants will be given a hard copy of a business plan template upon arrival which can be worked on during hands-on activity sessions with a mentor assigned for a group of 5-10 participants after each speaker has presented.

So, this is NOT an event where you will be sold to or be overwhelmed by the information thrown at you but you can walk away with a business plan ready to be put into action and a great opportunity to meet and network with business people and industry leaders. Remember, everyone in the room wants the best for each other.

As our CEO of Nifnex, Zeeshan Pasha says, “When the right people get together, MAGIC HAPPENS

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Key Learnings
  • How to Start and Grow Your Business irrespective of your current situation (Full time employee, full time parent, work from home etc)
  • What Business structure would suit you best
  • Vision & the BIG WHY
  • SWOT – Analyse your current situations and set your goals
  • Seven Steps to successful Business Deal Execution
  • Building sustainability into your business model
  • Marketing Panel to answer all your marketing questions
  • Lead Generation via Online and offline marketing
  • Getting into the media
  • Video Marketing & How to become the Go-To person
  • Branding & Personal Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
Marketing Panel 
Salome Schillack, Doyle Buehler , Sarah Cordiner, Alison Balch, Samith Pich, Marcus Gibbs


Sanchia Cayzer

Sanchia from Cherry Black Business Builders is Not what people would call ‘traditional’ accountants. She believes in people first, focusing on a more personalised and less rigid accounting experience.

Cherry Black came about through her passion for helping people grow their small businesses. Working in accounting in Perth for almost twelve years, Sanchia has worked on and with a wide variety of businesses from listed entities to individuals.

Accounting for her is not just assisting with financial statements and tax returns, but educating a business; helping them to plan, grow and evolve. Sanchia believes that If you view people as individuals, and not just workers or business owners, a more rounded, complete and powerful picture emerges. This kind of accounting is what she believes in; the kind that goes beyond just ‘money’.

Vida Carlino

Vida is a Published Author, Speaker, and leader in conscious evolution, inspirational mindset, and authentic accountability.

Vida is a skilled social entrepreneur who began her career in accounting. Bringing 30 years’ hands on experience as an owner for multiple successful businesses, Vida has coached and guided 100’s of entrepreneurs to turn their passion into profit. Vida connects a unique way of integrating human potential with strategic outcomes that change the fundamental relationship between self and enterprise for holistic success and prosperity.

Her years of practical experience, gained from applied learning in the area of human potential, has enabled Vida to merge alternative practices with core business principles to deliver results that help Business owners turn their passion into profits and in doing so become their own greatest asset.

Vida travels extensively to guide, coach and facilitate. She believes we all have what it takes to realise our dreams, achieve greatly and live a fulfilling life, we sometimes just need a little help.

Vida’s mantra is Authentic, Inspirational, Experience. She loves exploring and expanding global awareness that lifts the human spirit. She is passionate about, family, life, nature and meaningful contribution along with creating opportunities to experience sacred space and the reclamation of feminine and masculine wisdom.

Grace Mugabe  – How I turned my passion into profit

Grace Mugabe’s lifelong passion for the financial empowerment of women has led her to be involved first in advocacy and as a volunteer, to launching her own small business – Financially Empowered – educating women about the importance of being financially responsible. With a background in the corporate sector, executive directorship on Not For Profit boards and multiple qualifications including CPA, Grace provides financial literacy services for government agencies, private industry, not for profit, and community clients.

Michelle Nazaroff – A world champion natural bodybuilder, Mum, best selling author, CEO and creator of PressedPlus protein juice

Michelle Nazaroff is as passionate as she is inspirational.  Transforming others’ lives as well as her own, Michelle educates and empowers with natural Nutrition and Fitness. A world champion natural bodybuilder, Mum, best selling author, CEO and creator of PressedPlus protein juice, the World’s first High Protein Cold Pressed Juice.

Michelle is empowering others with her own story – her journey from hospital bed to healthy. Leading the Natural Fitness Revolution and a mum on a mission to change the way children think about their health and fitness. Looking for recruits both young and old, to change the landscape of health in Australia the natural way.

John Elliott – The pursuit of profits with a purpose

John Elliott started Elliott Insurance Brokers in 2008 which has now been one of the highest awarded Insurance Brokers in Australia featured in the BRW Fast 100 2014 & 2015 and ranked in the Top 10 brokerages in Australia since 2013.  During the peak momentum of the company development, the focus started to shift to the personal, environmental and social impact that the pursuit of growth and profit was having.  Looking through at all aspects of his personal and business life John began to assess the sustainability of the direction things were heading and could see this was not a path that could be maintained into the future.

Integral changes have been introduced across the board, and a new pursuit was born.  The pursuit of profits with a purpose.  Dispelling the myth that committing to the sustainability of our business, our planet and our population make us uncompetitive, Elliott Insurance Brokers have been able to create an impact on thousands of lives both locally and abroad, and have still maintained their Top 10 Insurance Brokerage ranking in 2016.  Sharing his journey as he experiences it, you can learn the key questions to ask of yourself, and your business, to ensure your success can create a positive social impact that will be remembered by the generations that come after us as you design your own legacy.

Ilse Strauss

Since 2000 Ilsé Strauss started her career in business at the age of 18 in the Franchising Industry with one of Australia’s most successful multi-national as the youngest Division Manager.

Specializing in aligning business operations and leadership teams with the corporate brand culture. Studying values driven leadership of high morale cultures in team development and customer enhancement – Ilsé created the Values Insight model to assist leaders in the profiling and development of brand culture. This knowledge led to her book “Brands Don’t Grow on Trees” reaching the Top 100 on Amazon within 12 hours of its release. Her experience stems from 20 years in business combined with advanced behavioral training in Meta-Dynamics. Ilse’s credentials are extensive – National Business Mentor, Author, TV Commentator, Motivational Speaker and Mentor to Leadership Coaches across Australia.

Simon Haigh – Seven Steps to Successful Business Deal Execution

Simon Haigh is a dealmaker. He is also a lawyer, international businessman, investor, company director, corporate consultant, presenter and professional mentor. Founder and Managing Director of a global advisory firm, GCM Advisory, Simon has 23 years of

International C-Suite legal, strategic, sales and commercial experience leading global commercial and law firms in US, Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


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Venue Partner

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Simon Haigh Seven Steps to Successful Business Deal Execution

Simon Haigh
Seven Steps to Successful Business Deal Execution

Sanchia Cayzer Assisting you with what Business Structure suits you Best

Sanchia Cayzer
Assisting you with what Business Structure suits you Best


Michelle Nazaroff – A world champion natural bodybuilder, Mum, best selling author, CEO and creator of PressedPlus protein juice


John Elliott – The pursuit of profits with a purpose & designing your legacy


Vida Carlino – How to be a super achiever & Claim your business authority


Ilse Strauss – Specialising in the vision and values alignment for leaders


Grace Mugabe – Find out How Grace turned her passion into profit